When should you be concerned about termites?

termite control myrtle beachTermite control Myrtle Beach is crucial especially if you know your home is already infested with these pesky little critters. A termite damages your house by eating wood. Yes. You read that right. Termites eat wood. But not all termites that are in the colony eat wood. Knowing this is the first step to truly understanding why termite damage is common during the summer season.

What You Need To Know About Termite Control Myrtle Beach

Termites Come Out During Spring Season

Termites come out during the spring season. They are more active during this time compared to other seasons not because they do more damage but because during this time, termite swarmers are in the air. Termite swarmers tend to be male and female-winged reproductive that will leave their nests looking for mates and brand new locations to create new termite colonies and your home will be the perfect place for the new termite colonies to make it a home. However, this higher visibility doesn’t mean more property damage. The season when termites cause more damage is during the summer season and many homeowners need pest control solutions. You just don’t know it because the damages happen within the walls of your home and are not visible to you.

The termites that will feed on your home’s wood are referred to as worker termites. These termites will tunnel underground and come up right from the ground and then feed on the inside of the wood so you won’t see them unless you will dig a hole close to your foundation wall or when you do some remodeling. However, just because you can’t see them does not mean that they are not there.

Worker Termites Come Out During Summer

Worker termites will feed on the wood of your home all day and all night without the need for sleep and with the right condition, they could do this for the entire year. However, during the summer season, they will work a lot faster since the warm temperatures let them become more active. They slow down during cold temperatures. During the peak of summer, the termite workers are active all throughout the year. That means they can do more damage during this time of the year than the rest of the months.

Worker termites will avoid light and some workers will use their simple eyes to find light while others have no eyes and must depend on chemical pheromones that are left by other termites to avoid light. Termite workers love dark locations and they will come from areas that are under or around your house that are hidden or secluded from the sun.

You probably know that termite workers make mud tubes so they can protect themselves from the air’s drying effects. But, what you probably don’t know is that they will create these tubes under porches and decks, in crawl spaces, behind exterior stairwells, as well as in other places that would provide the darkness they need. They may continue to make a mud tube in the evening in a visible spot but they rather not do that. The darker the place the easier for them to complete their job.


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