How often should you get your house sprayed for bugs?

residential pest control myrtle beachRegular visits from your residential pest control Myrtle Beach professional include checking for signs or changes in pest activity, inspecting traps, or setting in place preventative measures to reduce pest populations. Having regular visits, even when the pests are not visible, will let the experts have the opportunity to check the infrastructure of your facility, building, or home and search for any pest-related threat. Apart from that, regular visits could also help cut down the cost of pest management.

For houses and apartments, regular pest control treatment is recommended on a quarterly basis or bi-monthly basis, to prevent common pest problems effectively or when you transfer to a new apartment or home. For infestations that are much more serious, it is advisable to get monthly treatments for three to six months. But the size of your building, the location, time of the year, weather conditions, and the type of pest you’re dealing with could all affect how often you need to have a pest control treatment.

How Long Does A Pest Control Treatment Last

General pest control treatments for pillbugs, silverfish, cockroaches, moths, spiders, and etc., will last for a few months and must be performed on a quarterly basis.

A serious ant infestation will need monthly visits from an exterminator Myrtle Beach and this should be done between three to six months based on the treatment’s scope. Bed bugs need a more specialized kind of treatment. A bed bug treatment will last indefinitely but that would depend on whether the source was properly identified.

Overall, how often a pest control treatment should be done for your house or workplace will depend on the size of the area, your location, the weather, as well as the type of pest that you’re dealing with.

How often should you spray for cockroaches?

Spraying for cockroaches could be a long-term task. The first treatment needs to be followed with several follow-up visits so they could reapply the insecticides. Different visits are required to make sure that the pests and their eggs are eliminated. The time required to get rid of any infestation could depend on the infestation’s severity.

Do New Houses Require Residential Pest Control Myrtle Beach Services?

Yes. New houses need pest control because:

  • They may have gaps or cracks along the foundation that may allow pests to come in.
  • Your home is open during the building process, which gives them easy access to your house.
  • A lot of the building materials that were used in building your house have been stored in open areas and often damp conditions before they were used.
  • In some cases, insects are already in the building material.
  • Insects love the high moisture levels of a new home.
  • New houses are built in recently built areas where pests used to live.
  • Termites are attracted to leftover wood scraps
  • Fruit flies are attracted to food scraps
  • Pest love to feed on molds and mildew


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