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Zap Pest Control is a company focused on solving your pest problems quickly, providing the best possible customer experience and doing it for a fair price.

Our goal is to be on time, solve your pest control issues and provide good customer service.

Pest problems are best left to the hands of a certified, highly skilled and well experienced professional to ensure you won’t be bothered by the same problem again after several years. If you try to resolve the pest problem on your own without the required knowledge and tools you could get rid of the pests invading your house. But it is less likely that you would be throwing them out for good. What a Zap Pest Control does is ensure the pest problem is resolved and won’t lead to a recurring problem in your home by getting to the main cause of the problem and fixing that.

Here are a few common problems that you should leave to professional pest control.

Infestation of wood-boring insects

termite treatmentThese include termites, power post beetles, carpenter bees and carpenter ants. Because their primary food source is wood, they eat and breed on the wood parts of your house – primarily, your support beams. This makes your support beams weaker and weaker eventually resulting in costly repairs without you noticing. Sadly, these repairs are often not included in most homeowner’s insurance policies.

These insects have the ability to continuously chew through your support beams, flooring, and wallpaper without making their presence and activities known so you won’t learn about their presence in your home until your support beams fall apart. To avoid this, have your home regularly inspected by termite professionals like Zap Pest Control. They will look at every part of your home to detect the presence of any insects and pests. This way, they will be able to eradicate them completely before they can cause expensive and severe damage.

Presence of bed bugs

bed bugsBed bugs can hide behind electrical switches, in bedding, and even under wallpaper. Aside from their impressive hiding skills, these nasty pests can live without food consumption (blood intake) for several months even when exposed to above extreme temperatures. This is why they are often considered by many professionals as the pest that is the most difficult to treat. Working with a highly skilled pest control professional will require several treatments to completely eradicate all the bed bugs inside an average home.

When pest problems reoccur

Regardless of the specific type of pest you are dealing with, if the problem keeps coming back, you will definitely need to call in a professional and Zap Pest Control specializes in eliminating pests.

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