Pest Control Myrtle Beach Tips For Summer

pest control myrtle beachPest control Myrtle Beach is important even during the summer season. Many people link this time of the year with fun, sun, vacations, sun, and lots of time with families outdoors. Still, there’s one undeniable and unavoidable downside that is associated with this season, and they’re bugs that appear during summer.

This season is the perfect breeding time for pests and insects that love muggier and warmer weather. Property owners notice cockroaches, mosquitoes, and other pests during this season. Although these pests are common, that does not mean that they need to be a natural part of your house.

Zap Pest Control, Inc. are experts in terms of diagnosing and dealing with major pest control problems. An ounce of prevention is better than cure and having said that, they can offer homeowners a few tips to help prevent or reduce some of the most common problems related with pests that appear during the summer season.

Summer Pest Control Myrtle Beach Tips For Homes In The Southeast

  • Keep all pet foods inside sealed containers
  • Feeding areas must be dry all the time and free of food debris
  • If pests are not eating, make sure to remove their bowl or food dish right away
  • Cracks and holes must be sealed so pests don’t have any way to get inside your home

The common pests that homeowners in the Southeast encounter are ghost ants and crazy ants, orb weaver spiders, surname and American roach, and mosquitoes.

Summer Pest Control Myrtle Beach Tips For Homes In The Mid-Atlantic

  • Trim shrubs and other plants in the yard to keep pests away
  • Don’t keep wood piles near your home
  • Get rid of standing water to keep mosquito at bay
  • Wipe counters with household bleaches such as water and ammonia
  • Remove problem areas such as high moisture spots, wood debris, faulty construction, and rotting trees because they attract termites and mosquitoes
  • Call an exterminator who can get rid of problem areas and make sure it won’t happen again

Summer Pest Control Myrtle Beach Tips For Homes In The Northeast

  • Get rid of mice, ants and spiders by cleaning up crumbs from surfaces
  • Keep your trash bin covered
  • Keep your home as clean as you can
  • Get rid of standing water
  • Get rid of high moisture areas such as rotting trees, faulty construction, and wood debris

Summer Pest Control Myrtle Beach Tips For Homes In The Midwest

  • Trim the foliage so that it would be a minimum of 12 inches from the house
  • Trim trees so that they’re far away from the house
  • Make sure there is enough gap between your plants and your home so that insects won’t bypass the pest control products and get direct access to your home.
  • Get rid of standing water from your yard to get rid of mosquito and termite problems
  • Any major pest problem should be dealt with by pest control experts. A pest control company can send someone to check your house and recommend a plan of action to reduce or resolve the problem.


Call Zap Pest Control Inc. now and let our pest control experts deal with your pest problems at home.


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