When should you get a termite inspection?

termite controlTermites aren’t getting much attention these days. Perhaps they aren’t as scary as cockroaches or other pests that crawl around your kitchen floor and climb your walls while you sleep. Termite control is a must because of the destructive nature these wood-ingesting pests are.

If left untreated, termites can cause serious damage to your home and property. This could lead to costly repairs that can cost thousands of dollars. We’ll be focusing on some facts about termites, including when to schedule an inspection with a professional residential and commercial pest control company.

Termite Control Tips: Signs that your home may have termites

Sometimes termites can infest homes without homeowners even realizing it. These bugs are more destructive than other insects and will keep them from harming their property. You can protect yourself by having an inspection done. However, you should be aware of these signs.

  • Wood that is damaged
  • Different types of wings
  • Mud tubes
  • Bubbling, buckled painting

Termites Can Be Found In Multiple Places

Many people believe termites only live in your walls. However, this is not true. You can find termites in common places made of wood, such as your garage and home walls.

  • Tresses
  • Roof
  • House exterior
  • Furniture
  • Shed exterior
  • Framing
  • Fence
  • Trim
  • Deck

What to do if you notice an infestation

Once you are aware that termites exist, you don’t want them to be put off. Because of the millions of dollars that homeowners spend each year on termite damage repair, it has become a popular topic. It’s important to immediately call a professional if you notice signs of termite infestation.

The suggested frequency of termite inspections

A termite infestation can do so much damage to your home that it is important to have termite inspection Conway SC done on a regular basis. To ensure that any termite infestation is dealt with quickly, it’s a good idea to call a professional pest control firm at least once yearly. It’s possible to miss signs of termite infestation even if you don’t see them.

Termites Always Active But Prefer Summer

Termites are active more during summer so a seasonal inspection is a good idea. Florida has the highest level of warmth, and this is particularly true. Despite the fact that their activity slows down in winter, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be concerned about what happens when the temperature drops. To protect your home, you must be vigilant and call a Myrtle Beach exterminator for help.

Remember that termites work 24/7

Termites have a great work ethic. That’s the one thing that is positive about them. Although it could be detrimental for homeowners, it is not necessarily a negative. It’s something you should keep in mind. Termites can cause extensive damage to your wood in a short time by eating it 24/7. Termites are formidable enemies that must be eliminated quickly.

Termite Inspection when buying a house

It would be terrible to find out that your new house has termites after you have bought it. It happens to new homeowners from time to time, leading to expensive repairs and possible litigation. It is best to insist on your ability to perform your own termite inspection prior to completing the purchase. Call a pest control expert for assistance.

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