Why should you continue mosquito services during the winter?

mosquito services myrtle beach scIs it necessary to spray mosquito repellents in winter? Many residents aren’t sure if sprays or other prevention methods are necessary in winter. In winter, many people forget about mosquitoes. Those who live near water are often bitten by these annoying bugs when the summer heat is really high. You need to hire mosquito services Myrtle Beach SC.

People living within 3 miles of waterways like the Chattahoochee or Nancy Creek Rivers or the Sweetwater, Peachtree and Sope creeks will be affected by mosquitoes. You should not use mosquito sprays during winter.

Mosquito Services Myrtle Beach SC – Mosquitoes during Winter

When it is below 50 degrees, mosquitoes become dormant. Spring and summer are spent by female mosquitoes collecting blood from you to make eggs. Once they have all the necessary protein, they mate and conceive their eggs. This can be repeated over and over throughout the summer by female mosquitoes. Most species stop sucking blood after they have laid eggs. They then concentrate on drinking nectar in fall. They have a reserve of sugar that keeps them warm over winter. Diapause is a condition in which some species hibernate. They need shelter to keep warm in the winter months. They can be found in hollow logs and cracks in brickwork, drains, downpipes, gutters, or even in your basement, until spring arrives.

Some species lay eggs in fall and survive winter so that they can hatch in spring. Some species hatch in the fall while others wait until spring to emerge.

Mosquito sprays in Winter

You can’t spray an insecticide around your yard in winter unless it is directly applied to an insect. The spray won’t have any effect on mosquitoes because they aren’t moving about. It could even cause harm to beneficial creatures like spiders, natural predators of mosquitoes, amphibians, and fish that feed on larvae and adults of mosquitoes.

Mosquito sprays work best in spring and summer. What to do in winter? Do you think it is worth doing anything in winter until the insects return in spring? Yes, you can do anything. Preparing for spring is the most important thing you can do in winter. Hire an exterminator if you need professional help.

Automatic Mosquito Misting Systems

We have previously discussed how to reduce standing water around your yard and decrease mosquito population. There is an additional step you can take to rid your yard of these pests in the winter. This is the best time to install an automatic mosquito misting system. Most people wait until the mosquito eggs hatch and the larvae become biting adults before they contact Zap Pest Control Inc. You can avoid mosquito bites by planning ahead. You can make sure you have an automatic mosquito spray system in place before spring.

Eliminate mosquitoes when they wake from winter sleep.

You can control mosquitoes that are now adults.

All mosquitoes trying to get into your property from their natural breeding areas must be removed.

It could be too late once spring arrives. If you wait until spring, pest control Conway SC experts will still be able to help you set up a system and create a plan to defeat mosquitoes. We will help you make sure you have the time and space you need to enjoy your yard. We understand that you don’t want to have a yard that’s free of these pesky insects.

Find out more about mosquito sprays and how to make an automatic system for misting mosquitoes. Preventing mosquito bites in winter is better than trying to deal with them immediately.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. if you need professional pest control experts to get rid of mosquitoes at home.

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