What Winter Pests Should You Watch Out For?

pest controlA true winter in the South Carolina Lowcountry is rare. This was except for January, holy snow and ice! Winter pests can be a nuisance even if there is a significant temperature drop. You need to know effective pest control tips to protect your home from these little critters.


You did read that correctly. Most people associate termites and swarms to warmer weather. But did you know that they also make a second wave during the fall? You’re right. These winter pests have been known to swarm in October, November, and reproduce until February. Lowcountry homeowners are most at risk from Eastern Subterranean termites. These insects are extremely destructive and cause over $5 billion of damage each year across the country. Do not let your guard fall yet! Find a reliable termite control expert in your area.


After watching Pocahontas, I am sure that we all wanted to own a pet raccoon. However, these winter pests can be just as vicious as Meeko. Raccoons prefer to live in wooded areas but they can also make their way into homes through your chimney or attic. Raccoons can squeeze in to your home by only 4 inches. They are a major carrier for rabies. Make sure your outdoor trash can lids are secure to prevent them from getting in your food. Also, close any gaps around your home and trim any branches and limbs.

Mice and Rats

Rodents are attracted to warm places and easy access. These winter pests shouldn’t be allowed to take over your home! Rodents will seek out any entry point and will hide behind walls, appliances, and crawlspaces.

Preparation is now. Seal any gaps around your home’s exterior and underside

To make your home more attractive to animals, seal up food sources


Even in cooler temperatures, we just can’t seem get rid of them! Cockroaches are among the most resilient insects. Want to find out why? You can read it here. They will survive as long there is enough food and humidity. We seem to have plenty. Call us if you have a problem with roaches! Conway SC exterminator can help you because roaches are quick to become resistant to DIY methods.


Are you planning to go on a holiday or Thanksgiving trip in December? Be careful! Bedbugs can still thrive in cooler temperatures. These pests travel around the world in their luggage and clothing, hoping to find a ride. These pests have been discovered on planes and in hotel rooms. For small dark blood spots, check the headboards and mattresses of hotels

Hang clothes; don’t lay them on the floor, bed or furniture. You should place luggage on luggage racks and not on the floors. After you return home, vacuum out all suitcases. Wash your clothes immediately in hot water. You can also seek out bed bug removal experts.

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