How To Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home From Garage Sale Bargains

bed bugIf you are a fan of upscale antique shops, garage sales, or thrift stores, you have to be careful not to bring home pests together with your bargains. Bed bugs are the most common ones that buyers often unknowingly bring back home.

Even though the bites from bed bugs are not deadly, they can still be annoying. Their bites lead to welts, itchiness, and swelling. If you keep on scratching the itch, it may result into a secondary infection. So, make sure that you keep those pests at bay.

Pest Control Tips When You’re Out Shopping For Bargains

Know Where Bed Bugs Live

Know what kind of household items and furniture bed bugs Myrtle Beach like to live on. Generally speaking, these pests love fabric surfaces, particularly those that you have already slept in.

You are most likely already careful when it comes to secondhand mattresses as well as box springs. It’s not ideal to buy them because they can be very hard to treat once they get infected with bed bugs.

These repulsive creatures can only be removed through prolonged cold, deep heat, or with the help of a pest control expert who can expertly get rid of bed bugs. Always remember that any type of infestation can easily spread in your home.

Be Careful of Pre-owned Items

You should watch out for pre-owned beddings like bed sheets, pillows, and comforters, even if they can be treated. If for some reason you really have to buy any of these items at a garage sale, make sure to place them in a sealable plastic bag so you can safely bring it to your laundry room. Clean it in hot water and dry it using the highest setting available.

Be Careful of Upholstered Armchairs and Sofas

Even if they look clean and fresh, you also have to be careful with upholstered armchair and sofas. Even if the previous owner has shampooed or vacuumed the item before selling, it still won’t make any difference because those methods cannot get rid of bed bugs. This also applies to the methods that you may want to try at home. Even if you think that spraying with pesticide or steam cleaning will work, neither of them can eliminate bed bugs, according to pest control experts.

Avoid Thrifted Baby Products

It’s not suggested to purchase thrifted toddler or baby items that comes with cloth padding. Pest control specialists revealed that there have been instances wherein bed bugs were detected in carriers, car seats, and strollers. If you really want to buy such used items, make sure to treat them well before bringing them any close to your baby.

Check Non-upholstered Furniture

Even if you are purchasing thrifted items that are not upholstered like shelves, or picture frames, you still need to examine for bed bugs. If possible, bring a flashlight and magnifying glass with you so you can check before making a purchase.

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