Pest Control Tips For Flying Insects

pest controlThe key to home pest control is to prevent these annoying critters from getting inside your house to begin with. In case they already have access to your home, you need to get rid of them as fast as possible so you can prevent them from multiplying even more.

Natural predators can help prevent pests from getting inside your house. Dragonflies, birds, praying mantis, frogs, and spiders can help diminish pests in your property. Here are some pest control tips for moths, flies, and other types of flying insects.

Pest Control Tips For Flies

The most common pest control Myrtle Beach tip against flies is to keep the kitchen garbage tightly closed. Sprinkle Borax or dry soap into the garbage cans after washing them and let them dry, both of them can act as a repellent.

You can also use oranges. Just scratch the skin and leave it out. The citrus is an effective pest repellent. You can also hang cloves or plant some mint around your house to repel flies. You can also put some basil on your table or windowsill. Just make sure to keep them well watered so that the basic will produce a much stronger scent. You should also consider hanging muslin bags that are filled with dried ground leaves. You can also create your very own fly paper by boiling water, corn syrup, and sugar together. Add the mixture onto a brown paper and set it out.

Pest Control Tips For Moths

Another type of nasty pest is the moth. Did you know that the larvae of these moths can damage your clothes? You have to store your things in a clean condition since these larvae love places that have lots of food stains.

Mixing ginseng, thyme, mint, rosemary, and cloves in a cheesecloth bag is one good way to keep moths away from your drawers or closets.

You can also moth proof your clothes by mixing dried mint, rosemary, and lavender in sachets and placing them in your drawers or closets.

You can also strap moths by mixing molasses and vinegar in a container. Just make sure to clean the container on a regular basis. You can also run the affected clothing through a warm dryer to kill moth eggs.

Let the professionals take care of your problems with flying insects. Call Zap Pest Control Inc. and let our pest control specialists deal with your pest problems.

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