Importance of Pest Inspection Before Selling A Home

pest controlThere are other things you need to do after having a home pest inspection to make sure that your house is free from dry rot or pest infestation. A clear home pest inspection just means that the pest inspector wasn’t able to find any problem. Just like all the other professionals out there, you will find good pest inspectors or pest control specialists and those with a less than stellar reputation.

Don’t ever think that it doesn’t matter if your home has pests or not because you’ll be selling it anyway. It’s also not an excuse the inspector failed to detect the infestation. These things, when ignored, have a way of haunting you. Even though pest companies will be on the hook for a specific period, you, as the seller will be ultimately responsible because you were the one who hired the pest control Myrtle Beach specialist. You don’t want to find yourself facing the court over intentional misrepresentation or negligence.

When do you need a home pest inspection?

The decision of whether you need a pest inspection or not will depend on local and state regulations. Some states do not require a pest inspection before a sale while others do. If the appraiser of the buyer notes conditions that may be a sign of pest infestation like ants, termites, rodents, or dry rot, a pest inspection may be required. Plus, the buyer’s lender like FHA or VA loans may require a pest control report. Some professionals like appraisers, real estate agents, and home inspectors are not certified to determine if a property is infested or not.

A real estate agent can tell you whether local laws require that a pest inspection is required. You may even ask for referrals to pest control companies. But keep in mind that it’s not the responsibility of the agent to order the pest inspection service. It’s your responsibility to call a pest control company if you want the inspection to be conducted.

Paying For A Pest Inspection When It’s Not Required

If you are wondering if you have to pay for the pest inspection even if it is not required by law, then you should consider these three things.

  1. Your home’s condition
  2. Your real estate agent’s advice
  3. The market type in which you’re selling

In case the condition of the house gives you some reason to believe that there are pests or dry rot damage, you have to pay for the pest inspection. Your real estate agent may suggest that you get a pest report. You can ask the agent why if it is not required. If you are satisfied with the explanation then you can go and hire a pest control specialist to inspect your home.

If the market is hot and it is a seller’s market, it’s most likely that a buyer won’t ask for a pest inspection. In case this happens then you don’t have to get a pest report. But if it’s a buyer’s market, you may have to get a pest inspection as you prepare your house for sale.

When Should A Buyer Pay For A Pest Inspection

A buyer has to get a pest inspection if the seller does not provide one or if the pest inspection was provided but it was incorrect. If the seller won’t get a pest inspection then the buyer has to obtain one.

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