Why Winter Pest Control Is Important?

pest controlThe prime season for pests is summer. You’ll see mosquitoes, flies, and other types of insects flying around. But many homeowners learn that pests don’t go dormant during winter. As a matter of fact, pests are more likely to look for shelter and warmth indoors during wet and colder seasons. Here are some descriptions of the common winter pests and a few pest control tips.

Winged Carpenter Ants

You should be alarmed if you see flying ants in your home during the winter season. Finding even one during summer isn’t necessarily a problem but it’s a different story during winter. There’s a big possibility that there’s a nest of carpenter ants in your home.

Cluster Fly

Homeowners won’t be surprised to see cluster flies at home during summer. But during winter, when every door and window is sealed tight, seeing one inside the house would be puzzling, don’t you think?


A curious, wily creature, house mice are common pests at home. They may be cute when in a pet store but they’re definitely a nuisance when they start causing damages to your house.


In the U.S., you’ll find two rodent species. They are the Norway rat and the roof rat. Both of them are believed to have been brought into the country through ships that were on their way to the New World during the 17TH and 18th century.

Bed Bugs

Before, homeowners didn’t have problems with bed bugs. But these days, these pesky little critters have caused countless people sleepless nights.

Fruit Fly

Another common fly found at home is the fruit fly. It’s commonly brought into the house through fruits and vegetables from the market.

Moth Fly

Common flies seen around drains. They may not cause structural damage but they can be a nuisance when inside your home.


There are over 35,000 species of spiders but only 3,500 can be seen in the U.S. Spiders are beneficial in a sense that they prey and feed on yard and household pests such as flies, mites, and crickets. Most of them are totally harmless but once they get inside the house, they can become a nuisance.

Overwintering Insects

When it comes to insects during winter, many people refer to them as overwintering. Although it may just describe how an insect behaves during winter, it also refers to the time when insects hibernate so they can survive the cold weather season.

Pest Control Tips To Prevent Pests From Invading Your Home

There are pest control Myrtle Beach methods to help prevent these pesky little critters from invading your home.

  • Sanitation as well as exclusion are the best ways of controlling rodents. You also need to seal openings and holes to prevent rodents from entering your house.
  • You also have to pest proof your home. Don’t’ let a single cockroach get in because once they do, you’ll have to call a pest control expert to get rid of them.
  • When it comes to getting rid of ants, you have to eliminate the visible ones first before dealing with the ones that you don’t see.

There are cases when you just have to call pest control professional. Hire an expert right away especially if the pest infestation is large, ongoing, and the products can only be used by certified pest control professionals.


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