Holiday Decorating Tips To Keep Pests Out

pest controlWith most parts of the country going through wintery conditions, many homeowners are busy with their holiday shopping and preparations and they no longer have time to focus on pest control. However, the arrival of the colder season, does not mean pests are gone and must be forgotten.

Even though pests die off or look for a different spots to overwinter once the temperature drops, the National Pest Management Association tells homeowners that pest infestations still exist during winter particularly during the holiday season as people take Christmas trees inside their homes and go through holiday decorations they’ve kept in the attic or basement.

Because of this, homeowners must consider these pest control Myrtle Beach tips to make sure that the holiday decorations are done appropriately.

Check the Greenery For Insects

Always remember that pests can enter your home through the greenery you bring inside. Pests like moths, mites, and spiders are known to live inside garlands, wreathes, and trees, which usually end up inside your home as decorations during the holidays. Before you bring any decorations inside your house, it’s best to unpack the boxes outside first so you can expect them for possible pest infestations such as rodent droppings and gnawing marks.

Once the time comes that you have to remove the decorations, be sure that every item that you store in your attic, basement, or garage are stored in a sturdy, hard, and covered plastic. This will help prevent rodents from rummaging through your decorations.

Don’t Store Wood Near Your Home

Never store wood near your house because pests like ants, termites, and spiders may use it to get access to your home. It’s better to store them at least 20 feet away from your house and placed on a raised structure.

These holiday decorating tips can help keep pests at bay during the holiday season. But if you already have a pest problem or you think you have one, call Zap Pest Control Inc. now and let us get rid of your pest problems.

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