What kind of termites live in South Carolina?

termite controlTermites are among the most destructive pests that you will find in the country. They will bury into the wood of businesses and homes, generally unnoticed. Various kinds of termites behave in different ways however, all of them can wreak damage to your property. That’s why termite control is crucial.

The National Pest Management Association funds various events throughout the year in order to provide more awareness about certain pests including termites and offer tips on how to control them including rodent control.

Termite Control Tips

What is a subterranean termite?

A subterranean termite is the most destructive of them all. Their colonies are composed of soldiers, reproducers, and workers. The soldier termites possess large mandibles that will tear off any small pieces of wood. They may be small but the damage that they can cause will pile up easily.

These termites reside in colonies in secluded and moist areas as well as underground. They may also thrive in hidden areas above ground. During the spring, the swarm as well as the reproductive go away to begin new colonies, which are vast and could have as many as two million.

What is a drywood termite?

A drywood termite don’t like moist wood but dry wood like those that you’ll find in supporting structural walls or attic joists. They could cause damage that are expensive to repair and you may not even know about it. The size of their colony is small if you compare it to other termite species. They have the ability to burrow into picture frames and second hand furniture, which is why they are considered as dangerous spreaders. Check any decorations or used furniture before you bring them inside your home.

What is a Formosan termite?

A Formosan termite is also called as super termite due to its destructive tendencies. The colonies of Formosan termite average a whopping 350,000 members however, they can be as many as several millions. These termites infest structures as well as other places such as boats, trees, and even shrubs. They can eat wood, wallpaper, and flooring without being detected.

How To Prevent Termites

The termite control you need will depend on the kind of termite you’re dealing with. However, these are the general tips that you can follow.

Be sure to keep mulch beds away from your home’s foundation, at least 15 minutes away. It’s an pest control tip that you need to remember.

You should install water blocks, downspouts, and gutters around the house. Fix faucets that are leaking or leaky AC pipes to avoid moisture buildup. You should also avoid wood to ground contact surrounding your home’s perimeter. The attics and crawlspaces should be well ventilated. You should look out for signs of pest infestation.

According to an exterminator Myrtle Beach, Never store firewood near your house. They must be stored at least 20 feet away from your home and it must not touch the ground either. It should be elevated by at least 5 inches. Check the home’s foundation for mud tubes. Check the door frames, windowsills, and attics that may have been hollowed out.


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