How can you help keep your house pest free between treatments?

pest control Myrtle BeachHave you ever gotten pests like rodents and bugs in your house? Instead of waiting to take action when a pest has gotten inside your house, you should go on offense like hiring a pest control Myrtle Beach expert to get rid of conditions both inside and outside of your house that attract pests, which must decrease the chance of them from bothering you ever again.

Pest Control Myrtle Beach Tips: Keep Pests Out Of Your Home

Minimize mulch and plants

You should cut back any shrubbery or tree branches that touch your house. This will help get rid of the bridges that pests use to reach your home easily to get access to your house. Mulch in the garden beds could also offer ideal shelter for the pests. So rather than using the mulch in places that will touch the foundation, you should place rocks or other ground cover that’s less attractive to pests.

Seal Windows and Doors

Pests could get through small gaps and cracks so you should inspect and fix any broken or warped windows and door regularly. You should also fix any tears or rips in the screens. You should use mesh sizes with a minimum of 200 holes per square inch; there are commonly available at hardware stores.

Inspect for Gaps and Cracks

Windows and doors are not the only places that could have small openings. You should check your home’s exterior for gaps, crevices, or cracks where pests could enter. Inspect your loose siding, foundation cracks, gaps in the utility lines, missing roof shingles, and others. Don’t forget to seal the openings with coarse steel wool, or mortaer, sheet metal, or copper mesh. It’s not ideal to use expanding caulk because pests can just chew on it. If you’re having problems doing this yourself, you can always hire professionals to help you out. They offer different kinds of pest control services such as rodent control.

Dispose of Litter and Trash Properly

Many people know that your garbage can also attract ants, pests, rodents, and cockroaches. However, yard waste could attract pets that may see it either as a food source or nest, according to exterminators. Be sure that all of the trash cans are covered with tight fitting lids, and then clean the cans as well as the area where they sit regularly to get rid of spills and debris on which pests could feed on. You should keep your yard, garages, decks, and patios free of plant clippings, leaf litter, as well as standing water, because all these could offer the best setting for pests to build their home.

Clean The Recyclables

Just like with the trash, it’s much preferable to keep the recyclables inside a bin that is covered with a tight-fitting lid. But, a few municipalities offer open bins to their locals. If this is the case for you, you should rinse all the food from the recyclables before you place them in the bin. Spend some time keeping your bin free of pests. And when it’s possible, you should store bin outside instead of inside your home or in your garage.

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