How can you stay pest-free during the winter?

residential pest controlYou might think of mosquitoes, spiders and flies as nuisances in the summer. It is because insects are cold-blooded, and they tend to be more active during the summer months. Some home insects can be just as bothersome when the temperatures drop. Winter bugs can be a problem, so you need to be aware of them and take steps to control them including effective residential pest control tips. Winter bugs can be found in homes and houses. You need to use special strategies to get rid of them.

Residential Pest Control: Watch out for winter insects

Seven common winter home insects are listed. Although many of the winter bugs are pests all year, they may be more active in the winter months to protect their homes from harsh outdoor conditions. The following winter bugs are to be avoided:


You can allow ants to enter your home through small cracks or holes, or they can get on plants and flowers. They are colonizers, meaning that if one is seen, there will likely be many more. They are looking for food. If they find food, they will seek it out in your home.


Winter beetles are more common than people think. They are looking for warmth in the cold. Winter beetles will hide in warm areas, such as close to a clothes dryer or water heater. Although they don’t do much damage, they could spread and infest your home.


They are adorable and can be productive garden members. They can try to get in through windows and other openings, but they are more likely to attack your home when it is colder. They aren’t aggressive but can swarm and produce a yellow liquid with an unpleasant odor. This could stain your house.


Silverfish are more common in winter as they prefer cold, damp places. They will be found in basements or bathrooms that are rarely used. If a female silverfish isn’t kept under control, she could lay thousands of eggs and cause an infestation.


These pests are native to tropical African climates and cannot survive in colder areas. Although they are more common in the Southwest and Southeast, cockroaches can be found everywhere. They infiltrate homes to overwinter in warm, damp areas.


Although spiders can be found all year, you might notice them more in the winter. They seek out places where they can hide safely, such as dark corners, basements, and boxes.


Ticks can be a pest in the summer, but some ticks can also be considered winter bugs. A winter insect is the deer tick. It can be found on both the East and West Coasts. These are the only bugs that can bite in winter so be aware of them. To keep them away, make sure you check your dog after going outside.

Getting Rid of Pests From Your Home

How to eliminate winter bug infestations It will be difficult to eradicate winter bugs once they have found the heat and food source they are looking for. If you don’t take action quickly, winter bugs can breed rapidly, creating an infestation. Although there are many insecticides and sprays that can be used to control different kinds of home insects, some may pose a danger indoors. Here are some ways to get rid of winter bugs safely and naturally.


Exterminator Conway SC says, these tiny critters must be removed. You must get rid of any food sources that may attract ants to your home in order to control them. You should seal all food containers and ensure there are no crumbs or marks on floors or surfaces. Ant baits can be used to control ant infestations. Spraying half vinegar and half water to kill the ants and repel them can be a good option. Vinegar is sufficiently acidic to kill insects at home without causing harm to pets or people.


Winter beetles can be just as destructive as other pests, but they aren’t quite as harmful as others. You can get rid of them by vacuuming them up and throwing away the bag or contents of the canister. Similar to the ant control strategy, ensure that food in your pantry or kitchen cabinets is sealed in plastic or glass containers. Also, clean up any crumbs immediately.

pest controlLadybugs

It is a good idea to seal the ladybugs that got in. There are two simple and natural ways to eliminate an infestation. Vacuum the infestation or spray it with soapy water. Soapy water can kill ladybugs and remove the distinctive smell that they emit, which attracts other ladybugs.


You can catch silverfish with sticky traps. The traps can be problematic if you have pets. People have reported that cedar oil can be used to kill silverfish naturally. This is without the need for you to worry anymore about your beloved pets getting stuck in silverfish traps, whcih are very sticky.


These pests can quickly multiply, making it difficult to control. A professional pest control company can help you manage and kill cockroaches. Boric acid can be mixed with flour, sugar, and water to make a paste. Make small balls and place them wherever you see cockroaches. The roaches are likely to eat the boric acids balls and then die.


Keep clutter to a minimum in order to get rid of winter spiders. You should throw away any packaging that spiders might hide in. Vacuum dark, cluttered areas and corners of your house. To kill spiders, a solution of equal parts vinegar and water can be used.


There are non-toxic pesticides that can be used to kill ticks in your home and for commercial pest control measures, too. Ticks cannot jump or fly. To get rid of them, spray your home’s corners, baseboards and window sills.

Bottom line

While home insects are more common in summer, winter bugs can also be a problem indoors. Winter insects seek warmth and food. Food should be sealed in glass or plastic containers. Any crumbs or food scraps must be quickly removed. You should inspect your home for winter bugs. Pests could be entering through cracks in the flooring or the window sill. You can seal the gaps to eliminate the majority of the problem. Rodent control and other types of pest control methods is crucial.

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