How do you remove rodents from your attic?

myrtle beach pest controlRodents, squirrels, and raccoons can spread disease through their chewing and eating of your wiring. This could create a fire hazard. The best way to keep them out of your attic? Make sure you take steps to eliminate the breeding grounds for these animals. Here are some Myrtle Beach pest control tips on how you can safely and humanely eliminate wildlife from your attic.

Signs that animals are living in your attic:

  • Droppings and urine
  • Nests made from paper, leaves, and twigs (squirrels rodents birds)
  • You may have to replace insulation damaged by pests (squirrels or raccoons).
  • Raccoons have ripped apart ducts

What does your attic sound like to animals? One or more of the following pest sounds may be heard upstairs:

  • Rats may gnaw or squeak at night
  • Squirrels and rodents make scurrying or scampering sounds
  • Whimpers, growls or snarls (raccoons),
  • How to safely get rid of animals in your attic
  • Don’t panic. Don’t panic if the possum or raccoon accidentally entered your home.

Keep your distance. To avoid bites, keep children and pets away. Rabies can be carried by skunks, squirrels, and raccoons. It’s important that you avoid any contact with them. These animals can be dangerous and will bite or scratch if threatened or trapped.

Allow the animals to go on their own. Turn on the lights and open doors and windows. Do not block their exit.

If you are certain that all animals have been removed, block their re-entry. Repair the damage done by the animal to prevent other animals from getting into your attic. You should inspect your attic for holes, rotting wood and other weak points that could allow in animals.

Myrtle Beach Pest Control Tips to Remove Animals Often Found in Your Attic Rats and mice

pest controlRoof rats, also known as black rats, often make nests in attics. They are water-starved and will nest in attics because they have no other choice but to drink. You can get rid of mice and rats using either bait traps or wooden snap traps. A comprehensive approach to rodent control is required that includes rodenticides, rodent proofing and trapping. Terminix pest management professionals can provide the best rodent control solution.


Signs of squirrels include scampering sounds and missing insulation near the roof eaves. The entry points are usually the roof vents, eaves gaps and soffit. Steel mesh can be used to seal the entry points, but the main entrance/exit hole should remain open. To stop squirrels from returning, install a one-way squirrel exclusion doors at the opening. Within a few days, the squirrels should be gone. You’ll know that the squirrels have left your attic when you don’t hear any scurrying sounds. The exclusion door should be removed and the main entrance hole sealed with steel mesh. The attic is not a good place to put traps. Although you could place traps on the roof at the entry point, they may not be able to catch all of them.


Raccoons can get into your attic through shingles that are missing or open, roof openings and eaves. Raccoons can chew through buildings and rip off shingles. You can make your attic a hostile environment for raccoons by turning on bright lights and a stereo.

You can check to determine if raccoons have used a suspected entry hole. A one-way door is an exclusion device that acts as a tunnel or doorway for rodents and raccoons to pass through. To get out, raccoons must use the one-way entrance to exit. They cannot return to that same door to enter again. If babies are present, don’t use the one-way door. Make sure that all raccoons have left before sealing the entryway, especially between March-July, when babies may be present. Call an exterminator Conway SC for professional help.


Possums can climb high and live in attics. Possums are sneezing creatures, and their droppings can cause a lot of damage to your attic. Trapping and removal are the only ways to get rid of possums in your attic. Terminix can provide information about your options and help you understand the legalities of trapping and moving possums.


Broken vents, damaged eaves or windows in your attic can allow pigeons to enter. Open any windows in your attic and get rid of the bird. You may need to wait for the bird’s departure if you don’t have a window. Repair the area where the pigeon entered in the first instance. You can also get rodent control services.

Contact Zap Pest Control Inc. It’s not easy to trap and remove wildlife from your attic. Pest control specialists know how to safely remove animals from your attic.

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