Prepare Yourself For The Mosquito Season

mosquito serviceThe World Health Organization, Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, and other Environmental Health Departments are warning individuals in different parts of the country to prepare themselves for the coming mosquito season. Since 2015, 48 nations and territories in the Americas confirmed Zika transmission. Although California had no reports or concerns about the Zika virus mosquitoes, this year and the wet winter as well as warm spring have created the best breeding conditions for mosquitoes. If you want to protect yourself and your family from the diseases these insects could transmit, it is better to hire a mosquito service.

Zika Virus Mosquitoes Will Multiply

It is scary to know that health professionals have predicted the Zika virus carrying mosquito, Aedes Aegypti, will multiply across the eastern and southern states this coming summer. The Aedes mosquito may spread as far as Los Angeles and New York City. This is primarly due to the warm winter as well as to favourable summer conditions.

According to the scientists and researchers from the University of Georgia, 26 mosquito species across different geneses could possibly carry the Zika virus. Different species have a tendency to live in a certain region, the model specified, as well as seven mosquito species in the US could turn into hosts for the Zika virus.

One certain species that can tolerate colder temperatures is the Asian Tiger mosquito, the Aedes Albopictus, that’s heading north. Another invasive species that carries West Nile fever, Dengue fever, Encephalitis, and Yellow fever is the Albopictus.

Get Mosquito Services

One thing you need to include in your list this year is hiring mosquito services Myrtle Beach. You need to do this before the bug season begins. A few tips you need to know are as follows.

Get rid of and drain excess water in ditches or in places where water accumulates. You should also remove stagnant water like those found in dog bowls, bird baths, and planting containers. Be sure replace them with clean water regularly. Don’t forget to check your yard for spots where water accumulates. These include kids toys, garbage lids, rain barrels, wood pils, old tires, and more.

Don’t forget to clean the gutters where debris build up and accumulates water. You should also consider adding plants that deter mosquitoes like marigold, geranium, rosemary, basil, catnip, and lavender.

You may also hang a few bird feeders in your yard. Everyone knows that birds love to eat bugs. They are an effective pest control option. You should also keep your lawn short. Get rid of leaves and old debris below the shrubs. Get rid of leaves particularly in low areas where water could build up, near ditches and drains.

Another option you might want to consider is to get the services of a professional like Zap Pest Control. They offer pest control solutions like mosquito services, termite services, bed bug services, rodent services, and many more.


Call Zap Pest Control Inc. if you are looking for a professional who offers effective and safe mosquito services.


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