How To Eliminate Pests Indoors

pest controlYou love your home and bugs do too. They want shelter, water, and food. They will definitely move in to your home if it’s complete with these three things. The most common bugs found inside your house include spiders, silverfish, house centipedes, flies, firebrats, earwigs, ants, rodents, cockroaches. You also have to deal with ticks and fleas if you are a pet owner. These pests can show up in your house in different seasons and that’s why you need to know the most effective pest control tips to prevent them from invading your home.


Pest Control Tips


Don’t Let Pests Feel At Home

You’re like welcoming bugs into your house if it has tears in the window screens or gaps around your front door. Although it seems almost impossible to keep pests out of your house all the time, here are some pest control Myrtle Beach tips to keep them at bay.

Seal Openings and Cracks

Check your doors, windows, and screens for possible holes and cracks. Be sure to repair or caulk them. You should also add brand new weather stripping surrounding your door not just to prevent cold drafts but also these pesky little critters. Little openings and cracks are a huge welcome sign for different kinds of bugs.

Clean Your Kitchen

You love to make late night snacks in your kitchen and so do bugs. They love spices, popcorn, nuts, dried fruits, dried pasta, crackers, baking mixes, cereals, and even flour. Flour beetles love a wide range of food like spices, chocolate, nuts, cake mixes, and flour. Be sure that your food is stored in a sealed container and buy small packages that can be used up in a shorter amount of time. Keep your counters and floors clear and clean of food crumbs. Store the flour in your freezer to keep it away from bugs.

Get Rid of Damp Areas

Bugs are not just looking for food but they also need water. And some of these home invading critters like house centipedes, springtails, and silverfish love to stay in damp places. Repair pipes, drains, and faucets. Be sure that your dryer, air conditioner, and washing machine are fully functional. In places in your home that are damp most of the time, such as the basement, you should run a dehumidifier. Remember to check your attic too to make sure that it’s dry.

Clean Regularly

One effective pest control tip is good housekeeping especially in your kitchen area, since it’s where food crumbs tend to accumulate. You should empty your trash cans and vacuum regularly. Clean your bathtub drains and kitchen sink. Don’t stack boxes, newspapers, and magazines because these are the ideal places for cockroaches.

Keep Debris Away From Your Home

Yard waste, compost bins, and firewood stacks are the best hiding places for bugs that may invade your home. Be sure that these things are away from your home. You should check each firewood that you bring inside your house. Get rid of standing water outside to avoid creating a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Take out weeds and plant debris. Prune the plant branches regularly too.


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