What Is Preconstruction Termite Control?

termiteUsing termite resistant wood is one of the most common termite preconstruction treatment methods. Resinous woods are known to be termite resistant while other kinds of woods are injected with certain chemicals in order to deter termites.

Although no specific method can offer a 100% guaranteed safety against pests, using termite resist wood is an effective method when it comes to protected new homes from pest infestation for a certain period.

Creating barriers under or surrounding the foundation of a home may be effective. Soil, insulation, or synthetic blocks that are chemically treated are commonly used for this purpose. During home construction, the soil can also be applied with liquid residual preconstruction treatment. They are generally applied to the soil before the building slabs are poured. Such barriers are effective in deterring subterranean termite Myrtle Beach infestation.

Call your local pest control professional to know more about the available preconstruction termite control method in your area. Although this is an additional expense, the amount you need to pay will be minimal compared to the potential costs that you’ll have to deal with because of a termite infestation.

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