How Do Insects Handle Heat?

pest controlWith temperatures reaching as high as 100 degrees during summer, homeowners are doing all they can to remain cool. And, this brings up one good question. How to pests handle heat when it’s too much too bear especially during summer? A lot of pests including mosquitoes thrive in high heat. If temperatures increase, it could help these pests breed especially when temperatures prematurely increase during early spring. A few of the repercussions that are included are the following:

  • Rise in the insect population
  • Insects breed earlier in the year than usual.
  • Decreased in crop production.
  • Quicken the insect’s lifecycle.
  • Lower in time between insect generation.

Pests are cold blooded and that’s why they can deal with heat a lot better than the cold weather. However, that does not mean that most pests love to stay out in the sun all throughout summer. Pests have a lot of ways to cool off. Knowing these can help you improve your pest control methods at home.

Look For Shelter

More pests are spotted inside in the summer for a few reasons. First of all, there is more insect activity during this season. Secondly, more insects go indoors as they try to look for shelter. A lot of insects handle the heat by changing their behaviour. One of the most common behavioural changes is to look for places where they could avoid extreme environmental conditions.

Hide In The Shrubs

If pests cannot get inside they will find a cool shade like under shrubs and other dense plants. This does not impact the actual air temperature, but it will make the surroundings a lot cooler for animals, humans, and insects, too.

Save More Water

Drought can become a problem when temperatures are high. Insects have different tricks for saving more water to remain cool as well as to avoid dehydration. Some pests give out dry pellets while other insects will absorb moisture from the air. That is one of the many reasons why humid places become insect havens during the summer season.

Become Nocturnal

There is a good reason why insects become more active during the early morning and evening mainly because it’s hot during the day. It is common for insects to alter their schedules so that they could rest during the hottest part of the day. They will become more active once the temperature cools off.

Dormant During The Day

As mentioned earlier, pests adjust their activities to better handle the heat during the day. Mammals and humans also appear to have insufficient motivation to move whenever it is hot. Dormancy lets insects to create less of their heat and save water. Insects could take it to the extremes through aestivation, which is the equivalent of hibernation during winter.


Another way for pests to handle summer is through migration. They will find a place where the temperatures are much more comfortable. This means they may start moving into your home. When that happens, you always have the option to hire pest control Myrtle Beach services.


As time passes by, bugs will adapt to too much heat but only when there is a long time of more temperate temperatures. In case there is a gradual rise in temperature, pests can become more equipped at adapting and reacting to extremely high or low temperatures.

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