What does rain do to pests around your home?

residential pest control Myrtle BeachHurricane season, which occurs at the end of each summer, brings heavy rains. Rain can ruin outdoor activities and cause damage to backyard parties. Rain can also force pests from their habitats to seek out drier shelter. When this happens, you need to know some residential pest control in Myrtle Beach tips to deal with them.

Tips For Residential Pest Control Myrtle Beach

Flooding can be a problem in underground areas. This can lead to an increase in activity by ants, cockroaches and yellow jackets as well as other pests. Bugs can quickly find shelter in your house, garage, sheds or other structures. This article is about how rain can affect pests in your home. It also explains which pests are most affected and some tips about Myrtle Beach pest control.


Ants construct their nests in shallow burrows or tunnels in the ground. These burrows can be found in the most dangerous places when it rains heavily. The nest can be quickly flooded by water, causing the colony to flee to dry shelter. Insects like ants need more than just a few trees to survive a storm.

Ants will often seek shelter in buildings and homes, getting in through cracks or under garage doors that don’t close completely. They will then start looking for food until their soil is dry enough to rebuild their nests. This is how an infestation can be formed. When this happens, you should hire an exterminator in Myrtle Beach.


Cockroaches love humidity so they thrive in rainy weather. Cockroaches are dependent on moisture and will often live in drains, sewers and other moist areas. Cockroach nests, like ants, are susceptible to flooding in rainstorms.

Roaches might seek shelter in buildings or homes to survive heavy rains. Roaches can prove to be even more dangerous than ants. These pests are quick, resilient and scavenge at night. They will stay if they can find a safe wet source after a rainstorm.

Yellow jackets

Rainy weather can affect the ability of these pests to move around freely. Summer months are when wasps are most active. They move most freely in hot, dry conditions. Yellow jackets can be affected by summer storms as they tend to build nests in the ground. A yellow jacket nest can flood more easily when it rains, whether it is in the ground, underneath the porch steps, or under the sidewalk.

Yellow jackets can become aggressive if they are removed from their nests. These flying pests can enter homes and garages looking for shelter. Aggressive yellowjackets are not good friends with pets or humans. If they nest in your home, these pests can quickly spread and cause serious pest problems.


It can be hard to control pests yourself, especially if you are dealing with certain pests. Zap Pest Control Inc. can help you. These are some simple ways to prevent pests from arising during heavy rain.

  • You should look for entry points
  • Seal cracks and holes
  • Get rid of trash and other debris
  • Make sure to clean up any spills and crumbs
  • Drain the tub and sink.
  • Get rid of clutter

Call Zap Pest Control Inc.  now if you need help in getting rid of pests from your home.

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