What Should You Do First If You Notice Signs of Pests?

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One of the worst things that could happen to you is a pests infestation. Some pests can be more dangerous and annoying than others. Their footprints can be frightening, whether they are bed bugs, mice, spiders, or any other pests. Do not let the infestation grow out of control by remaining inactive. Here are some pest control tips you need to know.

Pest Control Tips You Need To Know


Rats or mice can be very common and frightening pest.


We need to first define what evidence you can look for to determine if there are signs of mice or rats.

  • Footprints – these tiny tracks can be found in dusty areas such as the basement or loft.
  • Droppings are the surest sign of a rodent invasion.
  • You can’t miss the smell of urine. These little menaces are very frequent urinators, and urine puddles will be visible along with their droppings.
  • You may find teeth marks on cables, rubbery items, or other things.
  • You will probably notice the wall scratching as the first sign. Other noises they make include clattering in lofts and squeaking.

Pest Control Tips: What to do if you see signs of rats or mice

What should you do after you have noticed your first sign? What should you do?

Do not panic. If you discover that a mouse has intruded into your home, the first thing you will do is panic. This will not help. Stay calm and keep moving forward.

Next, you need to inspect your property and find out where they are coming from. Search your entire property. Most people look in the kitchen, bathroom, or basement. Every kitchen cabinet, closet corner, wall cavity, etc. should be checked.

After you have located the rodent entrances, set traps and baits.

Block all entry points, such as holes in the walls, cracks on doors, and windows.

If nothing else works and the rodents are still in your home, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional to control them. They will inspect the property and look for other hiding spots that you may have missed. They will use the most effective treatment to eliminate mice and rats for as long as possible.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are the second worst pests to infest your house after rodents. Bed bugs are tiny and you can hardly see them before they bite. These are bloodthirsty animals that are hard to eliminate.


Bed bugs are most commonly identified by:

  • Bed bugs expel the blood that they have consumed. You may see blood stains on your bed or furniture such as your couch.
  • Bed bugs excrete black stains. They can usually be found on bed sheets, mattresses, or under the mattress.
  • When bed bugs reproduce they leave behind eggshells in the area.
  • Bites: if you wake up with itchy bumps, you’ll probably be the first to notice them. You will then start searching for their source.
  • You’ve discovered the bed bugs.

Bed Bugs: What to do if you see signs?

After you’ve determined that your home is infested with bed bugs, you need to act.

Do not throw away your mattress, or any other furniture. You may be tempted to do so immediately. This will spread the infestation, not the other way around.

Do not sleep in another bedroom: bedbugs can detect you, even if your room is infested. Changing it won’t work, but they will still follow you.

Washed sheets, linen, and clothes. Put all clothing, sheets, or mattress covers in a bag to get rid of bed bugs and eggs. Wash them at a temperature of 60degC or higher.

It is impossible to deal with bed bugs on your own. Even chemical treatments can sometimes fail to produce the best results and some bugs will survive. Heat treatment is recommended against bedbugs. This treatment is 100% effective. It is a machine that heats up the room to 56degC, which kills all the adults and eggs.

pest controlCockroaches

These nasty, dirty, crawling insects are a real pain. These are the only ones who can survive any kind of war, including a nuclear war. How can you spot them?


They look like very small, blackish grains of rice. Most often, they can be seen in clusters and not just two or three of them.

The eggs are another sign of cockroaches. Cockroaches can lay 40-50 brown oval-shaped eggs. Don’t be shocked if dirt is found in your kitchen cabinet. It’s not as you might think. Learn more about cockroaches.

Cockroaches emit a musty smell that is unpleasant and will not go unnoticed.

Pest Control Tips: How to Deal with Cockroaches

What should you do as soon as you notice cockroaches in your home?

Find out where they are hiding.

Cleaning the kitchen is important, so make sure to clean the entire area, including the floors, counters, tables and cabinets. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should not maintain high standards of hygiene throughout your home.

Use chemical products, such as baits, traps, or sprays with residual effects. You can use DE or Borax as natural treatments, but they are not enough. Call a professional exterminator to get rid of cockroaches.

Wasp nest

Nests of stinging insects are often found near the garden, where there is a lot of flowers and vegetation.


Wasps buzzing in your garden is the most obvious sign. Wasps can be common in spring and summer, but if you see a lot of them, it could indicate a nest.

Wasp Nests: What to do if you see signs?

Read the tips on what you should and shouldn’t do if there is a nest of wasps near your home or garden.

Follow the trail of the wasps to the nest.

You will only get in trouble if you poke the nest or try to break it down. Wasps will attack you if you irritate them.

After you have located the nest, contact an expert to help. The exterminators safely treat the nest of wasps so that they eventually leave the nest and will not return.

After you have confirmed that the nest is empty you can remove it to ensure the wasps will not return. The exterminator can inspect all corners if you were unable to locate the nest.

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