What are the different methods of pest control?

residential pest controlPests are one of the primary factors of high economic importance when it comes to agriculture. They are entities that disrupts or disturbs the normal growth of a plant and reduces the plant’s yield. Just like in the agricultural sectors and commercial industries, residential pest control is necessary.

There are various kinds of pest in agriculture and that’s why there are different kinds of pest control methods as well. Here you’ll learn about the different types of pests and how you can control them in your farm or at home.

Pests are grouped into micro pests and macro pests. Micro pests are ones that are small in size, which makes them hard to notice. Their activities or effects in a farm will make their presence felt like in the form of aphids, cutworm, or armyworm.

Meanwhile, the macro pests are those that are bigger in size. You can easily detect their presence even before you notice their activities at home or in your farm. Given the sizes of these pests, here are the pest control methods that you can use to minimize the damage they can cause.

What are the different types of residential pest control methods?

There are four methods of pest control when it comes to agriculture, residential, and commercial pest control. These are classified according to the size of the pests.

Physical methods

It’s one of the natural ways of pest control, which doesn’t involve the use of chemicals. As its name suggests, it only uses physical detection of the presence of the pests and the use of various ways to get them out of the farm. This type of pest control is generally used for macro pests such as rodent control.

This type of pest control method involves the use of security men, hunting, traps, alarms, and other combative and scary methods to get rid of pests. Using any of these strategies will not cause harm to the crop as well as the consumer. It’s effective in controlling pests such as rodents, rabbit, and grasscutter. It’s cheaper and needs less labor.

Chemical methods

As the name suggests, this type of pest control methods uses chemicals, suffocants mostly, to eliminate pests. The chemicals are toxic and poisonous compounds. An exterminator Myrtle Beach usually mixed with water at the suggested rate before they are sprayed on the leaves or foliage of the plants on different days before the day of harvests.

Cultural methods

Cultural methods are also considered as natural methods of pest control. It involves the use of different techniques or methodologies that are aimed at giving unfavourable conditions to your pets. Land preparation such as seed treatment and weeding are among the common examples of cultural pest control methods.

Biological methods

This is the most technical type of pest control method. It involves the use of the pest’s natural enemy against them. It’s like using chicken to take control of the population of nematodes and grasshopers. It also uses a mix of pest control methods to eliminate pests in the farm and this is referred to as pest management.


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