The Effect of Rain and Thunderstorms on Pest Control

Thunderstorms and rain are becoming increasingly common by the day. It should not be surprising that rain could have a significant impact on the activity of pests and their ability to feed as well as reproduce before and after the rain. Knowing how rain and thunderstorms affect pest activity can help you take better precautionary measures for pest control.

Pest Activity Before the Storm

Small pests and insects usually have built-in barometers that can sense whenever the pressure drops as a storm approaches. A few underground pests would go to higher ground to avoid flooding; others will try to bury themselves, while some go outdoors so they can make the most out of the humidity.

On a positive note, insects do not reproduce during rainfall and storms, and that is why prolonged storms could devastate pest infestations. However, as the storm draws near, you may notice significant movement and activity in your backyard.

One good Myrtle Beach pest control method is to seal up all the gaps found in your foundation, openings in the doorways and garage doors, as well as other spots in your house where insects may come in.

In case you are seeing some insects before the storm, you may want to get your house checked by a pest control specialist, as they may have been able to get into your house.

pest controlPest Activity During the Storm

A few larger pests may look for cover as their dens and nests become flooded. Look out for them and watch for locations in your house where there could be standing water. Make adjustments to where the downspouts are channeling water and be sure that it is not getting into the crawl spaces, cellar, or foundation.

Pest Activity After the Storm

Standing water does not only attract small animals, but it is also the mating ground for pests. A puddle that is about two or three inches deep and hidden away in your yard’s brush could be a mating ground for colonies of mosquitoes that could breed thousands.

Be sure to have excellent irrigation to prevent standing water. In case you have a fountain or pool, you should run the pumps periodically to make sure that the water is moving.

Pest Control and Irrigation

Pests also run for cover or move indoors during storms. Making sure that you have appropriate irrigation, as well as a pest-proofed home, could help get rid of a pest infestation before, during, and after summer storms in Myrtle Beach.

Give Zap Pest Control a call if you notice signs of a pest infestation, and we will schedule an inspection.

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