Termite Treatment: Fall Termite Swarms

termite treatmentSpring and fall are beautiful seasons. However, they can also bring pests that are not as appealing. Termites can cause up to $5 billion of damage annually and can be difficult for homeowners to control on their own. That’s why termite treatment is necessary.

Zap Pest Control Inc. provides professional termite treatment in Myrtle Beach. We also use pest control products that are registered by the EPA and are safe for you and your family. We believe that these wood-destroying insects are a danger to all homes. It is important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of an infestation. Here are some tips and warning signs that will help you determine if these pests have invaded your home.

Termite Treatment: How to Remove Infestations

  • Avoid water accumulation near your foundation as termites love moisture. Water can be diverted away by properly functioning downspouts.
  • Repair any damage to your home caused by a leaky window or roof.
  • Termites thrive in such moisture.
  • Avoid burying wood scraps and other waste lumber over the years, particularly near buildings. Take out any roots and stumps from trees around the house.
  • Eliminate any contact between the soil and wood. You should keep a gap of 1 inch between the soil and wood parts of the house.

Warning Signs of Termite Infestation

  • Swarming occurs in the fall.
  • Evidence of mud tunneling into, under, and over wood structures
  • Wooden structures exhibit darkening or blistering
  • Wood that has been damaged becomes extremely thin and can be easily punctured with a knife or screwdriver.

Experts recommend that you call a pest control specialist in order to protect your home from termite infestation.

Zap Pest Control Inc. has the expertise to remove termite infestation from your home. They have knowledge about residential pest control services and can identify termite species.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. now if you need help in getting rid of pests from your home.

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