Tips For Termite Control During Winter

termite control conway scA homeowner can suffer severe consequences from a termite infestation. Termites cause property damage of $5 billion each year in the United States, affecting more than 600,000. It can be costly and time-consuming to get rid of termites. That’s why you need the help of termite control Conway SC professionals.

Termites, unlike other pests, don’t stop eating when winter arrives. Subterranean termites can be dangerous because they live underground and eat 24/7. Your home’s foundation. . Although termites do not hibernate they prefer warmth. This is why they tunnel deeper when it’s cold outside and cause more damage.

Winter is the best season to control termites with the help of an exterminator. It is crucial that termites are exterminated immediately if they are already present. This is a great time to strengthen your home and prevent future infestations. This guide will help you to understand termites and the winter danger they pose.

Termite Control Conway SC: They Are Active In Winter, Too

Because termites leave their tunnels to search for new places to settle, they are more visible in spring and summer. Homeowners may discover old wings or mud tubes, also known as frass and mud tubes, during this period. Although termites can be harder to find in winter, don’t let this fool you. Termites can also be active in the winter months. They tunnel deeper and cause structural damage.

Winter Treatments to Prevent Infestations

Termites love trees, wood decks, wood less than one inch below the ground (your foundation), leaf piles, and fibrous materials. Termites prefer to live in wood but they will also burrow into the soil underground to find new places to colonize. Termites will race to find new places to live as the ground cools. Your home’s foundation is one option. It is warm and there’s plenty of moisture. This is everything termites need in order to thrive.

You can prevent termites from coming into your home during winter by treating them while you are upstairs using effective pest control tips.

What to Expect from Winter Termite Treatment

Winter is coming and termites will soon be on the move. Now that you have the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions, schedule a termite inspection at Zap Pest Control Inc.

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