Termite Control and Carpenter Ants

termite controlHomeowners know that termites and ants swarm once it’s mating season. They are both known for causing a lot of damage to wood. Did you know that many people get confused over certain species of termites and ants? Although some ant species have wings and swarm, here’ you’ll learn about carpenter ants and termite for better termite control.

What are termites?

The most common characteristics of ants include:

  • Having broad waists
  • Having bead like and straight antennae
  • Eat cellulose inside the wood
  • Attracted to moisture and wood
  • Remain invisible unless they’re swarming
  • Possesses two sets of wings that have the same size

What are carpenter ants?

The most common characteristics of carpenter ants include:

  • They have narrow waists.
  • They have elbowed or segmented antennae.
  • They have tiny hind legs and large forewings.
  • They love proteins and sugars.
  • They are sometimes noticeable inside the house.
  • They love sweets, moisture, and wood.

How are termites different from carpenter ants?

Body shape – a termite has a different body shape than the ant. The latter have narrow waists while the former have broader waists.

Antennae – The antennae of termites are unique because they appear like beads or little balls that are straight. Meanwhile, the antennae of the carpenter ants are elbowed.

Wings – reproductive termites and carpenter ants have swings and they both swarm from their respective colonies. There are some ways to tell one from the other, although their identifiers can be difficult to spot. Both insects possess two sets of wings. The wings of termites have the same sizes while ants have to smaller hind wings and two larger forewings. In some cases, you will find wings in yoru house. If they are all of the same size then you’re probably facing a termite infestation. But if they have different sizes then you have an ant infestation.

Diets – termites are known for eating wood. They need the cellulose they get from wood in order to survive. Carpenter ants do not eat. Instead, they make their homes inside wood by excavating the shavings and then burrowing furniture into your home structure. Carpenter ants eat other insects and not wood, unlike termites.

Visibility – Where termites live depend on their species. Unless you notice a swarm of termites, you will most likely see signs of termites rather than actual bugs. The key indications of a termite infestation include wood damage, mud tubes, and discarded wings. Termite droppings could also be an indication of dry wood termites. Carpenter ants, on the other hand, go out to look for food and that means you’ll see actual ants inside your house.

Attractants – The moisture inside your house and wood will attract both termites and carpenter ants. However, there’s a list of attractants that are unique to each of these pest. Hire a pest control Myrtle Beach expert to help you get rid of a pest infestation.


Whether you’re having problems with a carpenter ant infestation or termite infestation, you need the help of a pest control expert. Call Zap Pest Control Inc. now and let our team deal with your pest problems.


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