What Are The Symptoms Of An Infestation?

pest controlWhat pests cause the infestation will determine what signs you see. There are some universal warning signs that you should be aware of when you need to call a pest control specialist.

Pest Control Tips: Signs Of Infestation

The classic sign of an invasion is the presence of pest droppings. Check your entire building for urine or droppings. It’s easy to see rodent waste, but you should also be on the lookout for other pest droppings. It is important to thoroughly inspect your property. Tell your staff to thoroughly inspect everything they clean, especially if you have housekeeping or cleaning.

Nesting: Nests can be found under flooring and between walls. Nests are not always visible, so you need to look closely.

Grease and tracks are often signs of a rodent invasion. Grease trails are left behind by mice and rats who travel the same path repeatedly.

Damage to your property. Both holes and gnaw marks are signs of pest infestation. Rodents like to chew furniture and electrical wiring. A termite infestation can be detected by tiny holes in walls and floors.

Plants can be damaged. Infestation is indicated by gnaw marks around the edge of outdoor plants, and by damaged patches of grass. It could be a bug, a vole or mole that is infesting your garden or lawn.

What to do if my building or home is infested with pests?

The species of pest will determine where and how they cause havoc in your home. Most pests will spend most of their time in warm, dark, humid and hidden areas. Check these areas if you suspect an infestation of pests in your building:

  • Pantries
  • Warehouses
  • Garages and storage units
  • Dark corners
  • Attics

pest controlHow can I get rid of a pest invasion?

The exact method of eliminating pests from your property will vary depending on the type of pest. There are several steps you can take, no matter which pests are causing havoc in your building.

Seal cracks and openings. Do you have cracks or holes around your doors and windows? Caulk any holes that pests can get through. Add weather stripping to your doors if you do not already have them. It will keep out drafts.

The pest infestation can occur anywhere there is food, including dark, humid storage areas. It is important to keep your building clean in order to get rid of any infestation.

Remove moisture. Pests will usually enter your building in search of food and water. It’s very important to eliminate damp locations. Silverfish and centipedes are two examples of pests that prefer damp areas. You need to hire a Myrtle Beach pest control specialist if things get out of hand.

Clear the area around your building. Pests can be attracted to yard waste, compost bins, or firewood. Pests will easily enter your home if these items are near the perimeter. Remove these items from your building.

Contact the professionals. Contact the professionals if you have tried all the above tips and still can’t get rid of the pests in your home. The Zap Pest Control Inc. team can not only eliminate your pest infestation, but we can also find the source of the problem and keep them out for good.

Pest infestations are the last thing a business or building owner wants. You need to act quickly and effectively when dealing with unwanted guests. Call Zap Pest Control Inc. today.

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