South Carolina Winter Pest Control Tips

residential pest controlSouth Carolina’s winters are milder than those of our northern neighbors. On average, the coastal areas are 10 degrees warmer than those further inland. Because our winters don’t get very cold, more insects can survive to spring. You need to know the best residential pest control tips to keep them at bay.

What is the best time winter residential pest control?

Although you won’t see as many insects in winter, it is important to keep your home pest-free. While some pests might move in to the home to escape the winter, others (including termites), may remain there until spring. In preparation for spring, when pests such as termites, ants and mosquitoes emerge to feed and reproduce, it is important to use preventative methods.

Where do insects go during Winter?

There are many ways that insects can survive in colder temperatures, according to an exterminator. Some insects simply seek shelter while others use special methods to survive winter.

Diapause is a form of hibernation that has a reduced activity level and metabolism.

  • Migration
  • Burrowing under or within trees
  • Lifecycles that are adapted to the seasons. They spend the winter as eggs or larvae, and then emerge in spring.
  • To stay warm, many people may move in to your home.

Common Pest Infestations in South Carolina Winters


Winter is a time when you might see raccoons, mice and rodents searching for warmth and food in the home.


Although they are less active during the warm months, winter is a time when roaches can sneak into your home to seek warmth. Seek out the help of pest control Conway SC experts.


When the weather turns cold, spiders often seek shelter in our homes.

Ants & Termites

Termites and ants are less active in winter but may seek refuge near your home. They may be more active in warmer winter months, but they will return in spring. Preparation is key.


Silverfish are abundant in winter. As they search for moisture, you may find them in the ceilings and around bathrooms.


The cold may be escaped by wasps in attics or eves.

TAP Insulation: Prevent pests and save energy in winter

TAP Insulation is a two-in-one solution that combines two innovative products: an environmentally responsible insulation, with superior thermal and sound-deadening qualities, and a unique method for pest control. It’s a great addition to your home and will be a blessing in the winter.

Winter Pest Control in South Carolina

Zap Pest Control Inc. if you see signs of infestations or are not prepared for the spring insect explosion. Our local pest control company is a winner. We offer affordable and effective services. We will eliminate your pest problem in no time.

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