Reasons Why DIY Pest Control is a Bad Idea

pest controlDIY pest control is not only ineffective but can also be harmful to your health, the health of your family and pets, as well as the environment. The best thing to do is to hire an exterminator who can take care of the pest infestation quickly and efficiently.

Why DIY Pest Control Doesn’t Work

It’s important to know that DIY pest control is not always the best solution.

1. You’re unlikely to solve the problem

The retail sprays and poisons that you can buy at the store are only temporary solutions to a bigger pest problem. They may kill the pests you see now, but that doesn’t mean they won’t return in greater numbers.

You don’t want to “fix” your pest problem repeatedly. You’ll need to go beyond DIY pest control products if you want a lasting solution.

2. You’re dealing with hazardous chemicals

You’re likely spraying toxic chemicals in your home and garden to get rid of pests. This will only work temporarily. It’s not always safe for you and your family.

The EPA has published a report on the effects of pesticides indoors. If you don’t use the correct substance or method, you could inhale or ingest harmful chemicals.


After discussing the dangers of DIY pest control products and the chemicals they contain, it’s time to discuss the actual accidents that can occur.

You can get hurt or have an accident if you don’t know how to use a product properly.

You shouldn’t be concerned with the product alone. Sometimes, it’s even the pests.

If you try to remove a nest of yellow jackets or wasps, you may get stung by the swarm or chased. We recommend that you read our article on what to do if a wasp is chasing you.

pest control4. Risk of using the wrong product

You may be standing in the aisle of a store, staring at different products that all claim to do the exact same thing if this is your very first infestation. You compare the two products and read the labels.

You are not a professional exterminator and therefore do not possess the necessary expertise to know the best product. Right now, you are at the mercy of product advertising!

You could cause harm to you or your family if you choose the wrong product. It may also not solve the problem. You’ll be back in the store looking for another solution.


DIY pest control can be problematic because the root cause of the problem is not always addressed. The products and methods you use will probably only treat the pests that are visible. There may be lingering pests in your walls or attic.

Professional pest control services will identify the root causes of the problem and fix it. They can also prevent the problem from recurring.

6. Spending more time and money

Many people are reluctant to hire a professional because they fear spending a lot of cash. What if we were told that DIY pest control in Myrtle Beach can actually cost more over time?

Imagine purchasing products every few months to solve your temporary problem. You’ll spend a lot of money and time driving to and from the store to research products and solutions.


DIY pest control products can be harmful to your health and pets. You could put your family at risk if the product isn’t administered or stored correctly. The American Association of Poison Control Centers conducted a study that reported 79,000 cases of household pesticide exposures or poisonings.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. now to ensure your safety and that of your family, and to receive effective extermination.

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