Problems Caused by Mice Infestation

mice infestationMice are secretive types of pests. There are many explanation for this including the fact that they are nocturnal and they search for food whenever you are asleep. They move through the voids of your home where you can’t see them. They are extremely small and often missed easily as they run and hide in your home’s dark recess. Remember that saying,  “quiet as a mouse’? It basically says a lot about how stealthy these critters can be and that’s why the problems they cause are often unnoticeable. You need to know what these are so you’d know when to call a pest control professional.

Nocturnal Issues

The dark has the ability to hide things. As you very well know, it happens not only in the evening. Your house has several spots that are dark and they are the places mice love the most.

  • Mice will chew holes through baseboards and sheetrocks so they could access areas where foods are stored. These spots are commonly low to the floor and in hidden and dark areas.
  • Mice will chew holes in your stored boxes as well as furniture. If you believe that mice have infested your home, it’s crucial to ensure that your stored items are protected by placing them in hard plastic totes.
  • Mice will urinate in dark spots. The backs of your drawers and cabinets, the shelves, the spot under the fridge, as well as other secret places could accumulate urine and start to have an unpleasant and noticeable odor.

Wall Void Problems

Mice love to travel through your house through the voids in the wall. These spots make them feel safe as they don’t have to worry about birds snatching and eating them. However, while they are in there, they could cause some minor to major problems.

  • Chew on fiberglass insulation and use them to build a nest.
  • Chew tunnels on the foam insulation.
  • Chew wood studs to enter new rooms.
  • Chew on wires that could trigger house fire.

Tinier Than A Mouse

The mouse’s small size is very useful when it doesn’t want to be detected. But imagine something that is so small that you can’t see it. Here are few things you need to know.

Bacteria – there are many bacteria that are causing a lot of problems to homeowners. Some of the common ones are Salmonella and E. coli. They’re not visible to the eyes but can make you extremely sick.

Human pathogens – once mice leaves their waste in the ventilation ducts or if you go to a place where mice have been leaving their waste, you could be exposed to airborne spores that could cause hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. Don’t forget to wear a mask when you are getting rid of mouse nests like from the attic spaces.

Quiet as a Parasite

When it comes to being quiet, mice can’t go against the parasites. When a mouse brings lice, fleas, mites, as well as parasitic worms into your house, you will not hear anything but you know you have them.

Ticks – can spread Lyme disease

Fleas – affect cats, dogs, as well as humans. Their bites could lead to irritation and other types of diseases.

Lice – won’t make you sick but they can make you feel extremely uncomfortable.

Mites – can trigger a severe skin related illness

Parasitic worms – can lead to severe health problems.

Pest Control

Once mice gets into your house, the pest infestation can cause several unseen issues. Even though you can’t see them, it doesn’t mean they’re not there. Hire a pest control Myrtle Beach company to help you with this problem.

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