Pest Control Tips: When and What To Expect During Termite Season

termitesYou most like are not concerned about termites. But did you know that prevention is always better than cure. It’s the best way to prevent termite damage. Not only that, now is the time to prepare using the most effective pest control tips.

Termites start to swarm during early spring. So, if you have not come up with a plan for a termite treatment Myrtle Beach, then now is the time to do so. While swarming termites do not lead to any structural damage, it is an indication that there’s a termite colony nearby. This could result in severe structural damage to your house that could end in home repairs that cost thousands of dollars.

Prevention Tips For Termites

There are many methods of termite control as well as deciding which termite treatment plan is the best for your home. But choosing the best one could be overwhelming. This involves protecting one of your biggest investments. And because termite damage generally is not covered by homeowners insurance, it is crucial to not only have your home checked and treated. You also need to have a termite warranty.

Termite Treatment Plans

If you have a good understanding as to how termites work, you may try out a DIY residential pest control Myrtle Beach. There are many options for this from conventional liquid barrier treatments to more modern termite baiting systems.

This could be a difficult task when you have slabs that are attached to your basement or house. A liquid barrier should be complete without any breaks so that you can keep termites at bay.

Some of the options you can choose from are liquid barrier termite treatment, termite baiting systems, and borate wood treatment.

Liquid barrier termite treatment is recommended for those who have problems with active termite or termite damage. It offers long term and instant termite protection. Be sure that your pest control company will include an excellent warranty, particularly one that will cover termite re-treatments and any other damage after treatment.

As for termite baiting systems, they are proven effective when it comes to getting rid of termite colonies under your home. They are less invasive compared to liquid treatments and perfect for existing and new construction. It’s also an eco-friendly way to protect your house from termites, by getting rid of the need to use chemicals.

What Else Can You Do?

Mulch is an excellent source of food for termites. Be sure to keep much away from your house so that it won’t attract pests to your home.

You should also keep anything that’s made of wood away from your house. These include cross ties, firewood, and all other possible food sources for these pests.

Signs That Your Home Is Infested With Termites

You probably have problems with termites if you see a swarm of flying ants. You may notice small transparent wings left behind. If you do, you should call a pest control expert right away.

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