Pest Control: Does The Weather Affect Insects?

pest controlInsects, which are cold-blooded and can’t generate their own heat, aren’t able to produce it. The temperature of their environment plays an important role during their development and growth. These things could help you with your pest control strategies.


Insects adjust to colder temperatures by moving to locations with warmer climates, seeking shelter or finding a place where they can hibernate. That’s why you need to have an effective pest control Myrtle Beach strategy to get rid of them. This could include digging underground, invading homes, and even stealing our warmth.

As temperatures drop, spiders, ladybugs, boxelder bugs and American cockroaches make their way inside.

Many insects can become lazy when the weather cools. Grasshoppers often become stiff after a cold night and are unable to hop until the sun warms their bodies again. Some flying insects cannot fly fast enough when temperatures drop because their wings are too stiff.


Except in the tropics where there are exceptions, insect reproduction rates tend to increase in warmer months. This is why you will see more bugs as the temperature rises.

Insects need to eat more as temperatures rise.6 This can lead to bugs invading homes and increasing insect damage to gardens.


Insects, just like humans, need water to survive. Depending on the bug, however, the impact of rain on insects will vary.


Extremely dry conditions send many insects indoors to search for water, such as ants and camel crickets.

Some insects thrive in hot, dry conditions. These conditions can cause a dramatic increase in grasshopper and spider mite numbers, which can then destroy crops during droughts.

To lay eggs and reproduce, mosquitoes require water. Dry weather can affect their reproduction even though temperatures are in the right range.


Higher precipitation encourages activity from bugs that love moisture such as termites, stink bugs, cockroaches, and mosquitoes.

In stagnant water, mosquitoes can lay eggs. After heavy rain, mosquito populations may increase.

During heavy rain, a lot of insects invade houses in search for shelter, such as cockroaches, ants, and spiders.

Flooding could also force bugs, including yellow jackets and ants out of their nests in the ground. This is when ants could rapidly infiltrate houses, searching for dry ground or food.

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