Pest Control Tips This Thanksgiving

pest controlThanksgiving is about family and sharing wonderful Thanksgiving meals. But all of it can go to waste with the presence of pests in your home. A quick way to ruin your meal is to find a bug in your gravy or mashed potatoes. We wanted to share some pest control tips with you and your family as Thanksgiving is fast approaching.

Common Kitchen Pests

  • Weevils – Commonly found in beans and popcorn, weevils feed off the grains in your cabinet while they lay their larvae.
  • Cockroaches
  • Indian meal moths are very common in the home and grocery store. They love nuts and dry dog food.
  • Ants
  • Flour beetles are small insects that are mostly interested in flour. However, they can also eat tobacco, cracked grains, dried fruits as well as spices.
  • Spider beetles – The spider beetle’s large, round abdomen is what makes it stand out. It also loves cereals, grains, and wool.
  • Flies

Pest Control Tips

Do not leave food unattended

One of the fastest ways to attract pests is to leave food unattended on the counter. Cover the food with plastic wrap or foil. You can also place any leftovers in the fridge after everyone is done. To keep bugs from entering the area, cover any plastic or glass containers with lids.

Do not let the trash pile up

It is easy to let the trash accumulate during Thanksgiving dinner. That trash can attract pests like flies and ants. It can lead to an infestation. Once the trash is full, take it out. Make sure you take the trash outside with a lid.

Keep your lawn clean

Infestations usually start on your lawn and spread to your home. A temperate climate provides grass with enough sun and nutrients to grow throughout the autumn. Keep the grass short and remove any weeds from your yard. A healthy lawn will prevent pest infestations and keep your home safe during holidays.

Invest in proper food containers

For Thanksgiving, invest in plastic storage containers that have lids. After you finish eating, put everything in a container. Label it with the date and name of the food. Pantry pests and rodents love to infest pantry containers. It is best to keep pests out of your food by storing cereal, rice, or flour in their own containers.

Make sure to clean up regularly

Pests will not eat the leftovers and messes that you make while you’re cooking. It is best to clean up after yourself. You can prevent pests from infesting your home and dining room during holidays by cleaning up after meals.

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