Pest Control Tips For Spring

pest controlSpring is almost here and it means flowers will soon bloom and the weather will feel warmer. However, spring also marks the return of some pesky critters. As the season changes, the once dormant pests will come out and they’re ready to mate, homeless, and hungry. After an unforgiving and harsh winter season, it might be easier for pests to get inside your home. Aside from cleaning, you should also take spring as an opportunity to protect your home against pests. Here are some pest control tips you need to know.

Spring Pest Control Tips Homeowners Need to Know

Know Your Enemy

Pest control could be hard if you have no idea what you should expect and that’s why some people hire a pest control expert. Although some pests are always here, there are some critters that are more active during spring. There are also a few species that mate during this time of the year. Rats, for example, will begin their mating cycles while termites will start their swarms. Aside from that, mosquitoes will start to thrive in standing water.

When the weather becomes warmer, some pests will begin to become more active. Ants start looking for food while spiders also start to come out. Generally speaking, a rise in temperature means that there’s an increase in the spread and travel of pests that love to hitch hike like ticks and bed bugs. When you know what the problem is, then you’ll be able to come up with an effective plan to prevent them from invading your home.

Check Your Home’s Exterior

The winter season can be very harsh. The temperature drops and the winter storms can lead to a few major home repairs especially in the exterior. Any weakness in your property may be exploited by pests that are searching for a new place to live. Pests can easily get inside your home through the smallest cracks, open slots under the door, or even through window panes that have been chipped. Loose siding and roof damage could also be the points of entry for these sneaky little critters. If you see signs of pest infestation, you must hire a pest control Myrtle Beach expert right away.

Check Your Interior

After checking the exterior of your property, the next thing you need to do is to inspect the inside of your house. Spring cleaning goes beyond washing your curtains. It is the time for you to check your decorations for stowaways. The prime spots where pests tend to hide are in the basement and attic, and in spots where you keep your home utilities. Spiders and silverfish love damp basements while rodents prefer the attic.

Lawn Care Is A Must

As the temperature rises, you should check on your yard too. The fall as well as the winter season leave possible pest problems behind such as mud, melted snow, dead leaves, and debris. Any thick overgrowth or damp wood can be the home for possible spring pests. Aside from that, any standing or stagnant water from clogged gutters or puddles could be the breeding ground for mosquitoes. You need to start your lawn care routine if you want to avoid pest problems later on.

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