Pest Control Tips: Getting Rid Of Fire Ants

pest controlFire ants cause pustule causing stings are very annoying. If you have allergies, you can die from anaphylactic shock after just one sting. A lot of children who are allergic, and have been stung, have died. Aside from that, fire ants can also cause problems on livestock as well as other wildlife like ground nesting birds. So, how do you deal with fire ants? What are the safest and most effective pest control tips to get rid of them?

Pest Control Tips That Don’t Work On Fire Ants

Grits – some say that when fire ants eat grits, their body will expand and explode. But the truth is, it has no effect on fire ants.

Diatomaceous Earth – people think that it can cause dehydration among ants, which will cause them to die. Unfortunately, it won’t reach the queen. It will also get washed away if it gets wet and it can be harmful to your health when inhaled.

Boiling Water – you may boil the ones you see at home but you won’t be able to boil the queen. As long as the queen remains, you’re pest problem will continue.

Orange Peels – Citrus oil can help repel insects. But if you add orange peels on the mount, you’ll only end up attracting more fire ants.

Club Soda – Some believe that club soda will cause the ants to suffocate. But it won’t.

Pest Control Tips That Work On Fire Ants

Pest control Myrtle Beach methods for fire ants are not commonly organic or natural. They use synthetic insecticides. But they are safe to use and are very effective.

Mound Treatments – They include dusts such as acephate as well as baits such as Amdro. The former will kill any ant that it comes in contact with and hopefully, this will reach the queen. Meanwhile, Amdro is a stomach poison that acts slowly.

Season Long Lawn Treatments – Pest control experts recommend lawn treatments that is made up of long lasting insecticides that you apply to your lawn using a fertilizer spreader as well as water. It is effective for six months.

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