Pest Control: Six Pests You May Have In Your Attic

pest controlThe attic is a place homeowners often neglect. Most of the time, the roof is used to store holiday decorations and boxes. The attic is a great place for pests. Pests are able to make nests in attics, which are darkened and rarely visited. If it’s been infested with these pesky critters, you need the help of expert pest control specialists to get rid of them.

Your attic is prone to infestations, whether it be unwanted mice or ants. Here, Zap Pest Control Inc. explains what pests can live in your attic this winter and how you can prevent them.

Pest Control Tips: Pests To Watch Out For


Termites are known to be deadly hidden killers. Termites are not satisfied and will always seek out food to eat. They eat 24 hours a day, so they can do so much damage. Your attic is a great place for termites because they will eat boxes, wood and anything else that they find. Your home can be saved from being literally eaten away by termites by eliminating an infestation. You’ll find Eastern Subterranean termites in Myrtle Beach. Formosan termites are also common. Termites can be identified by bulges in wallpaper or paint, holes in furniture made of wood and boxes with wings. Zap Pest Control Inc. can help you immediately if you suspect that there is a termite infestation.


Cockroaches are one of the most widespread household pests in the world. Cockroaches prefer to live in tight spaces, close to food and water. Cockroaches are often found in bathrooms and kitchens, where they can be found using secondhand appliances, bags, and boxes. Cockroaches can spread bacteria and other pathogens to food and food. These preventative measures can help you prevent cockroach infestations in your home this winter.

  • Get rid of unneeded clutter
  • Make Clean Dishes
  • Get rid of water sources
  • Seal Your House
  • Vacuum Regularly
  • Store pet food
  • Clean Around Appliances


More than 35,000 spider species are known around the globe, but only 3,500 of these species have been found in the United States. Spiders are generally beneficial, preying on insects, crickets, mites and other household pests. While most spiders are not harmful to humans, they can still be annoying. These simple pest control Myrtle Beach steps will help you prevent spiders entering your home.

  • Keep a tidy home.
  • Do not leave food out as it attracts other insects and, consequently, spiders.
  • Regularly vacuum up spider webs.
  • You should seal any cracks and entry points within your home.
  • Maintain a healthy landscape. Keep plants and vegetation away from your home.


Although ants are not a problem but a nuisance, they can infest your attic. It’s a good idea if you discover ants in your house or business to track their entry points and follow their path. To eliminate your ant colony permanently, you should call a pest control specialist from Zap Pest Control Inc. The visible ants will be killed by household sprays or over-the-counter treatments. Most likely, the source of the infestation is hidden within your own home.


Winter is the time when many pests seek warmth and shelter indoors. The most common rodent found in winter is the mouse. The home of house mice is usually in basements and attics. They can damage your property by chewing through walls, wires and other electrical wiring that could then ignite an electric fire. Also, mice can spread diseases such as Salmonella and tapeworms and can contaminate food. These preventative steps will help you avoid mice infesting the home this winter.

  • Seal Entry Points
  • Clean-Up
  • Pets


There are many species of centipedes, but the most prevalent one is the house centipede. They can have up to 177 pairs. These insects prefer dark and damp areas so large closets or attics make great hiding places. Although you won’t find thousands or hundreds of centipedes, an infestation can be annoying. It is important to identify them and remove them from your attic. Start by setting up a trap for common household pests. Zap Pest Control Inc. can help you if your traps are clogged with centipedes and other pests.

Zap Pest Control Inc. is committed to providing the best quality service and the best customer care in the industry. Our pest control services have been protecting commercial and residential properties for years. We can help you keep your property free from pests and wildlife this season.

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