Is pest control necessary during the winter?

pest controlPlants, animals, and humans all go into hibernation mode when the weather turns cold. You may not be noticing pests and bugs in your yard during this time. This can cause you to have an “out of sight out of mind mentality.” But are native insects really gone? Find out how to protect your home in winter and how pests deal with the cold weather using effective pest control methods.

Pest Control Tips


Common pest control misconception is that insects die during winter. Many pests use clever strategies to survive winter and come out when the weather warms up again. Although mosquitoes can be a nuisance in the summer, they hibernate. They seek shelter in hollow logs, and females will begin looking for food to start feeding their eggs.


Overwintering is possible for ants by eating a lot in the fall, and then gaining more fat to get through the winter. They will stop their activity when the temperature drops and then relocate their colony under the ground until spring.


These pests have a reputation for surviving in harsh environments. This makes winter easy for them. Cockroaches adapt by looking for warm and moist places in your home. This is why they are often found in bathrooms and kitchens. You may even notice an increase in the number of cockroaches when they seek shelter from the cold and settle down to winter. Call residential pest control experts if you need help.


Different species of termites react differently to winter. The local climate may also play a role. Termites that live in colder climates will dig below the frostline and hibernate till the temperature reaches 70°F. Drywood termites can shelter themselves in dry wood and this could include your home.

What Pest Control Services Do I Need in Winter?

Insects can survive winter months because they are extremely adaptable. Sometimes their survival is dependent on your ability to allow them into your home. Although they may not be visible, they could be hibernating or ready to emerge in the spring. This means you should continue to provide exterminator Myrtle Beach SC services through the winter.

You can arrange regular visits with your pest management company. This will keep pests at bay all year.

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