Pest Control During the Fall Season

pest controlFall is a cherished time of year for many of us. The cool, fresh air ushers in colorful leaves and a pleasant seasonal change. However, it’s important to note that numerous pests become more active during this time. We want to provide you with some valuable pest control tips on how to keep these unwanted visitors at bay.

Effective Pest Control Strategies for Autumn

  1. First and foremost, it’s essential to recognize that rodents, spiders, and cockroaches are among the pests that seek refuge in the warmth of your home during fall. Taking measures to protect your house against these invaders is crucial. Your home belongs to you, not to pests!
  2. If you notice gaps under your doors where air flows in or light shines through, consider installing door sweeps to prevent small pests from crawling inside.
  3. Check and repair any damaged screens or windows. Ensure that all chimney openings and vents are screened to prevent pests from entering.
  4. Seal any crevices and cracks outside your home, particularly those that serve as entry points for utility pipes.
  5. Practice proper food storage by using airtight containers with tightly fitting lids. Seal your trash in a secure receptacle when disposing of it.
  6. Inspect the weather stripping around windows and basement foundations. If you find loose mortar, replace it promptly.
  7. Identify and eliminate potential sources of moisture. This includes addressing clogged drains and leaky pipes.
  8. Keep firewood at least 25 feet away from the exterior of your home. Trim back shrubbery to discourage pests from finding shelter near your home.

pest controlThe moment you suspect the presence of pests, take immediate action to address the issue. Swift intervention can prevent the problem from worsening. Prevention is key to effective pest control.

Rodents carry diseases and viruses that can pose serious health risks, including Hantavirus and Salmonella. Their habit of chewing through wires can also lead to potential fire hazards. Additionally, rodents nesting in your home’s insulation can cause significant problems. Cockroach saliva or droppings can trigger asthma, particularly in children. Take a proactive approach to prepare for the fall season by arranging for a comprehensive preventative pest treatment.

Contact us today to take the necessary steps for safeguarding your home during the changing season. With our help, you can fully enjoy the autumn air without concerns about roaches and rodents!

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