Pest Control: Why Ants And Other Pests Love Your Pumpkins

pest controlAutumn is a great time to go to a pumpkin patch to pick up some gourds for your autumn harvest decorations. Everybody loves to have a few pumpkins on their front porches or in their homes to celebrate fall holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, even mice and ants love pumpkins. Pumpkins are a delicious seasonal treat for small animals and bugs alike. Zap Pest Control Inc. offers tips to keep your pumpkins free from ants and other insects. We are the best choice for those looking for pest control near you.

Halloween and Fall Festivities

The bumper crop for fall is pumpkins. Many families head out to the pumpkin patch when the weather starts to cool down. Many families enjoy carving pumpkins for trick-or-treating and Halloween. Freshly carved pumpkins are a tempting meal for all kinds of insects, so make sure you know what you can do to ensure your pumpkin lasts longer and doesn’t succumb to them.


A mouse could be the culprit if your pumpkin is damaged or torn. Mice enjoy pumpkins so much they might even attempt to find one in a garden. They love pumpkin seeds, both the stem and flesh.

Deer mice and white-footed mice are the most common types of mice to eat pumpkins. If the pumpkins are kept close to the house, a house mouse might also eat them. The pumpkins may be eaten by the house mouse and leave holes. This can attract other insects and critters.


The ant is the next pest to be able to eat your pumpkins. Standard garden ants might be attracted to a carved pumpkin or one that is beginning to rot. A pumpkin may also be eaten by carpenter ants for additional nutrients.

The pumpkin can be smelled by ants far away. They may even bring their whole colony to eat it. They can eventually turn the pumpkin into a heap of rotten mush. It is time to throw it out once a few ants have found the pumpkin and begun eating it. They love the flesh and juices from the pumpkin.


Your pumpkin may go bad quickly if spiders get in it. Although most spiders won’t eat fruits or vegetables like pumpkins, they may be able to camp in pumpkins and wait for other insects.

How to Prevent a Pumpkin Insect infestation

Here are some tips to keep your pumpkin looking fresh throughout the fall months. Pick the best pumpkin that you can find at your local pumpkin patch. Avoid pumpkins that have holes or rot. To avoid bugs and mice, don’t carve your pumpkin more than a day before Halloween.

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