What is the difference between a residential and commercial exterminator ?

myrtle beach pest controlSome companies provide residential Myrtle Beach pest control services, while others offer commercial pest management. Others offer both residential and business services (such as Assured Environments). Both services have the same goal: keep pests away. There are some key differences between commercial and residential pest control services. We will show you what makes these pest control services different.

Myrtle Beach Pest Control: What is the difference between residential and commercial pest control services?

There are many differences between the two types of pest management. According to Assured experts, these are the four most important differences that separate them.

1. Pest control services for commercial use move quicker than those for residential.

Temporarily moving a family is much easier than shutting down an entire company for several days. Commercial exterminator companies have faster turnaround times that cause minimal disruption. Although this comes at a higher price, most businesses are able to save money by not having their doors closed for as long.

2. Commercial pest control services are less consistent than residential.

Many homes look very similar. This means that their pest problems are often similar. Most pest problems in residential homes can be solved with the same two approaches each time.

This means that residential pest control companies don’t usually have the same level of knowledge as commercial pest control firms. Commercial buildings can have more variation depending on what business they are involved in (food service, retail, healthcare, etc.). Commercial pest control companies are able to tailor their treatment plans to accommodate these variations.

3. Preventative pest control is often more popular with commercial pest control companies.

Commercial pest control companies are more familiar with working in custom environments and have therefore more experience offering long-term preventative measures. Sometimes, a business’s building is more vulnerable to pests due to its location or proximity to other residents.

Commercial pest control companies take into consideration these uncontrollable elements. They may offer long-term preventative solutions such as preventative traps around and in the building.

4. Fundamentally, residential and commercial environments are very different

Home are generally smaller than businesses and attract different types of pests. Because residential homes are more likely to have termites, bed bugs and ants inside, they also tend to be more fabric-heavy.

Bed bugs are less common in businesses, but they’re more likely for them to be attracted to pests like rats or cockroaches. This is because commercial buildings are more often located near environments that would support these types of creatures (for example, an abandoned property).

How can I find the right pest control company for me?

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