How To Keep Bugs out Of Your Home This Winter

pest controlAs the temperature drops, you are not just the only one who would like to get inside your house. Winter could bring pests to your house as they also need to find a place to feel warm and cozy. To make sure that bugs are kept at bay this winter, here are a few pest control tips you need to remember.

Winter Pest Control Tips

Use Window Screens – be sure that your windows have screens to make an additional barrier to make sure that bugs are kept out during the winter season. Search for a 20 mesh or finer screens with openings that are too small for most pests to get through.

Seal Doors – bugs could search for ways to get inside your house through even the smallest of cracks. Be sure that your doors are tightly sealed when they are closed. Add weather stripping when necessary and use caulk to seal all the gaps where the door frame is in contact to the wall.

Trim Trees – bugs love leaves and trees, so be sure that you trim them so that the limbs are far from the walls and the windows of your house. This would help insects stay in the trees where they belong.

Clean Your Yard – bugs love to stay in wood chips and mulch, so make a barrier between your home and any landscaping material. Get rid of any leaf piles and be sure that your gutters stay clear to keep all of that moisture and debris away from your house.

Fix Cracks – if there are cracks in your house, fix and patch them up to make sure that bugs and other pests are kept at bay this winter. Replace rotting wood, get rid of broken bricks and change them and patch any cracks in the foundation and walls of your home.

Clean Up Fruit Trees – If you have fruit trees in your yard, be sure all of the fruit is thoroughly cleaned before the snow falls. Fruit like plums and pears, and apples, could attract spiders and bugs and when the fruit is close to your house, these pests could make their way there during the cold winter season.

Inspect packages – if you come home and find a package left at your doorstep during winter, check it for bugs before taking it inside. Insects could easily find their way into boxes as well as other packages during transit.

Clean the kitchen – Other pests including bugs are always looking for a constant food source, so be sure to keep your kitchen as clean as possible. A good pest control Myrtle Beach tip is to clean the counters and make sure there are no spills and crumbs left and get rid of any trace of a food source.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. if you are looking for professional help in making sure that your home is free of pests not only during winter but all year long.

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