How to Prevent an Infestation

pest controlWe are beginning to feel the effects of climate change. Temperatures are increasing in some areas. Other places are experiencing more natural disasters such as tornadoes and hurricanes. These disasters may have gotten worse – bigger, stronger, and more destructive. Climate change is causing an unexpected effect: the increase in pest infestations. A good South Carolina pest control company knows how to adapt and implement solutions that will continue to protect your home. It’s vital that you know how climate change affects insects to understand why this is happening. You may have a larger problem with ants, mosquitoes, and other pests. Here are some pest control tips you need to know.

Winter Survival: Pest Control Tips

Insects usually go dormant as temperatures fall. Some insects need warmer temperatures in order to survive. Others eat foods or bacteria which thrive at warmer temperatures. They usually migrate or go underground when temperatures drop.

Insects are experiencing longer activity periods as a result of climate change. This means they have longer periods of reproduction and their numbers will increase faster.

New Areas of Migration

Pests are more welcome in places that are warming up. Pests are suddenly welcomed in places that previously were unwelcoming for long periods of time. Pests are now able to move to new areas and establish large populations.

Temperature increases alone are not enough to create a more conducive environment for pests. For some, even a few degrees can make a difference.

Increased Size

The improved conditions have allowed many pests to flourish. They are not only reproducing more, but also growing in size. This makes them more resilient and able to cause more damage. This makes them more resistant to Myrtle Beach pest control measures.

These pests will also live longer in improved conditions, which means that they can continue to cause damage to your home and be a nuisance to your family.

Pesticide resistance increases

Climate change creates a better environment for pests. This increases their size, vitality, and lifespan. All these improvements have led to an increase in pesticide resistance. The solutions that you can buy at the local home improvement shop will be less effective. A professional pest control service can implement solutions that are tailored to each pest and its circumstances. Professionals have solutions to deal with pests resistant to pesticides.

You can expect more pests as climate change continues its havoc. These include mosquitoes and ticks. Expect to have to deal with pests more often and for longer periods of time. Although you may not be in a position to stop climate change, you do not have to give up on pests. Call a pest control company to create a plan for eradicating pests and keeping them away.

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