How Often Should You Get Residential Pest Control Services

pest controlNowadays, the standard of residential pest control has improved. It is now offered on a monthly basis. Over the past years, several pest control companies, as well as residents are rethinking the standard.

More knowledge in the methods of application, along with different environmentally friendly chemicals have significantly affected the results of the most common pests. These include bedbugs, roaches, ants, rodents, and spiders.

So, the question is how often should you get pest control services? Should you choose monthly or every other month.

Residential Pest Control: Every Other Month Vs. Monthly

The Benefits Of Every Other Month

Fewer chemical applications – chemical that is applied to your property would be half the number of times as you have to do for a monthly residential pest control Myrtle BeachFewer applications mean lower risk for you and your family.

More affordable – several pest control firms offer discounts for homeowners who take up their every other month option.

More effective – the majority of pests have the ability to evolve and become immune to chemicals and preventing reactions to a few mechanical processes. With the every other month pest control service, pest won’t develop these tolerances or avoidance reactions compared to monthly services. The services are also more effective as time goes by.

More environmentally-friendly – just like posing less risk to humans and pets, fewer applications also have positive effects on the soil, plants, and other .

The Cons of Every Other Month

Fear of the unknown – any changes might cause stress in the homeowner until it’s better understood and proven. Several homeowners prefer monthly service because they believe it is a more efficient way of managing pests. Plus, it gives them peace of mind knowing the pests won’t wreak havoc in their property as long as monthly pest control is administered.

More Service Calls – as expected, monthly services means you need to call the pest control firm more often, thus increasing the maintenance costs of keeping pests away.

Despite of the disadvantages listed above, an increasing number of people are opting for an every month pest control service. More of them experience positive results and the stress associated with change will likely go away. Every other month residential pest control service is becoming more recommended and acceptable by both pest control firms, landlords and other homeowners as well.

As pest control companies acquire more knowledge of savings as well as opportunity for more business volume made available by the per every other month pest control service option, consumers will eventually enjoy more discounts as well.

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