How do you keep your home clean of pests?

pest controlFor the same reasons as you, bugs want a home. They need shelter, food, and water. They will move in if they find them in your home. Common bugs found in homes include ants and cockroaches as well as earwigs, firebrats and flies. Fleas and ticks can sometimes be a problem for pet owners. These pests can appear at different times throughout the year and are more common in particular parts of the country. that’s why you need to know the most effective pest control Conway SC tips.

Do not let bugs feel at home

These are huge “welcome” signs that leave tiny gaps around your front door and tear in the screen. Signs inviting insects into your home. It seems impossible to keep bugs away all the time. Here are some simple ways to make them less common, according to exterminator Myrtle Beach SC.

Seal Cracks and Openings

Closely inspect your doors, windows, screens, and windows. Repair or caulk any cracks or holes. To keep bugs out and prevent cold drafts, add weather stripping to your door. Exterminator Myrtle Beach SC said that small cracks and openings can be likened to wide-open doors that are open for insects.

Clean up the kitchen

You don’t just look at the pantry and kitchen counter for late-night snacks, but also bugs. The sweet stuff is what ants love to eat. Indian meal moths (a.k.a. “Grain moths” love cereals, rice, and cereal. Flour beetles love a wide variety of foods, including cake mixes, dried fruits and nuts, as well as chocolate and spices. Keep your food in sealed containers. Also, make sure you buy small quantities that can be used quickly. Keep food crumbs off your floors and countertops. You can freeze your flour to keep them out. Don’t forget to keep your pet’s food safe. Insects, such as the Indian meal moth will eat it.

Dry up damp areas

The bug world is not just about food; they also seek water. Some pests that infest homes, like silverfish, springtails, and house centipedes prefer to live in damp areas. Repair any leaky pipes, drains, and faucets. Check that your dryer, washer, and air conditioner are working properly. Run a dehumidifier in damp areas, such as the basement. Don’t forget about checking the attic for moisture.

Keep your home clean and sweep regularly

Good housekeeping is a good way to keep bugs away, especially in the areas where food crumbs and other debris can build up. Vacuum weekly and empty trash cans frequently. Do not forget to clean the drains in your bathtub and kitchen sink. Drain flies can live there and seek food. To prevent these pests becoming a problem, you should use a drain cleaner regularly. Avoid piles of newspapers, magazines, and boxes. Cockroaches love to nest in them. You may also contact an expert for rodent control services.

Keep the outside clean of debris

For bugs that may move indoors, firewood stacks, compost containers, and yard waste make great hiding places. These places should be kept away from your home. Be sure to inspect your firewood for insects before you bring it in. You should remove any standing water from your yard that could be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Landscape beds should be free from weeds and other plant debris that can harbor pests. Also, keep your house’s foundation clear of plant branches.

Kill the Bugs That You See

Controlling small bugs as soon as they appear is key to stopping them from growing into big problems indoors. There’s a family of products offers a full line of pest control products that can be used indoors. These products include baits, aerosols and ready-to use products. Always follow the label instructions when applying products. There are products that also offers essential oil products that can be safely used around children and pets if they are used according to the directions.

Make a barrier to keep bugs out

To create a bug barrier in your home. It will kill ants, spiders, and roaches indoors on non-porous surfaces for up to 12 month. You can then stop insects from entering your home. To kill and prevent listed insects from your lawn and around your home. Follow the label instructions.

Pest Control Conway SC: Common House Bugs to Be Watchful For

pest controlAnts

Ants are skilled scavengers. Ants are known for discovering food in small pieces that hasn’t been properly stored. They are one of the most irritating house pests. For more information about how to get rid of ants in your home, click here


The cockroach is undoubtedly the most hated and most feared house pest. Just the name of cockroaches conjures up images of filthiness. Even a well-maintained home can be infested by cockroaches. Here are some ways to eliminate them.


Earwigs look far more frightening than their bites, but they are not as scary as they seem. They are most likely to have entered your home by mistake, as they prefer plants and other insects for food. Here are some things to do if they appear in your home.


Flies can ruin your indoor experience. Flies can be disruptive and annoying as well as carrying disease. For a fly-free home, follow our suggestions.

House centipedes

The centipede is the house bug that causes nightmares. They are one of the most terrifying looking insects due to their long antennae and creepy legs. These tips will help you get rid of them and keep them away.


Silverfish, a silvery, thin insect that appears at night with three long, antennae-like tails is likely to be in your home. These tiny bugs love damp areas and will eat starch from paper and book bindings. Here are some ways to stop them.

Stink Bugs

While most house insects will eat whatever food you have in the pantry, stink bugs love to eat your plants. This article will help you get rid of stinkbugs in your indoor gardens or jungles.


Spiders make great garden companions because they consume insects that could harm plants. They are not recommended for indoor use, despite their usefulness outdoors. Here are some ways to rid your home of 8-eyed web spinners.

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