How Bed Bugs Can Destroy Your Business

bed bugsOnce you see bed bugs in a certain hotel, then you should get out right away! Hotel owners are starting to realize that how disastrous bed bugs could be for their business. An upscale hotel with a five star rating could see its rating drop to a poor one star after guests reported that they have discovered bed bugs on their hotel room. They are not just posting about their horrible experience but also filing lawsuits against the hotel. Although hotels are responsible for protecting the welfare and health of their guests, there are instances when it is the guest who brings bed bugs into their hotels.

How Do Bed Bugs Spread?

Bed bugs are adept hitchhikers who can easily travel into different hotel rooms by attaching themselves in the luggage of the guests. Once they are on the room, they can easily set up their home. Bed bugs can be a nuisance especially since they feed on the blood of humans. They are hard to detect. An adult bed bug are russet brown in color and about the size of an apple seed. However, nymphs are almost translucent and microscopic. Although bed bugs Myrtle Beach do not transfer disease, their bites could cause red welts that are itchy. They may also lead to severe allergic reactions and phychosomatic stress.

Once guests check out of the room, the bed bugs will hide on the crevices near or in the beds, inside clocks, under the carpet, or even behind the wall plates as they wait for their next victim. They will crawl along the plumbing and electrical conduits as well as air ducts while they look for their new prey, infecting nearby rooms. Cleaners may even spread bed bugs if these pests attach themselves on their cleaning carts. Once that happens, be sure to call a pest control company.

Bed bugs are not just found on hostels or cheap motels. Bed bugs are also found in respected and even if they appear as if they are extremely clean. Juries and judges have been ruling in favour of bed bug victims whenever such cases reach the court. Some sue for hundred thousands of dollars while others demand millions as compensation.

Even with the prevalence of bed bug infestation, there are some hoteliers who still ignore the complaints of their customers. There are several instances when they didn’t even know that their hotel rooms were infested when the guests checked in. If you own a hotel room or any kind of business, be sure that it is free of bed bugs. Call a pest control company to help you get rid of these pesky little critters.

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