Get Ready for the Fall with Residential Pest Control

residential pest controlFall is coming, believe it or not! This is great news for your weather preferences, as the temperature will gradually drop. This is a wonderful time to visit haunted houses, see beautiful leaves and attend football games. It’s also the time when pests attempt to build a home in your home to get warmth and food. We all know that pests will find any way to get into your home. You can prevent it from becoming a problem later by getting started now. To enjoy your home during the fall season, you can start investing in a residential pest control service.

Our pest control company Zap Pest Control Inc. will help you to avoid annoying pests this fall.

Pest Control Tips: Get ready for fall pests in your home

Seal Cracks & Crevices

Pests can enter your home through tiny cracks and crevices that you’ve probably seen a million times but never noticed. This is the entrance to safety for rodents and insects. You should inspect your sliding doors for any openings that could allow pests in.

A key element to residential pest control in Myrtle Beach is inspecting the siding and exterior walls. These areas can be sealed with steel wool or caulk, which will help to prevent any openings from your home’s exterior.

Steel wool is versatile and tough, but it’s also flexible. Steel wool’s flexibility allows it to be pushed into many shapes and sizes of cracks. Steel wool is a hard material for rats and mice to chew. The sharp edges can cause injury while they chew. The pest control company will arrive and take care of any pest problems.

Garbage elimination

Pests and other critters seek food to get into your home. This is the main reason they try to invade it. Pest control services are there to prevent this from happening.

Make sure food sources are sealed tightly. Open garbage can quickly become a hotspot for any pest or insect looking for food. This applies to pet food as well.

Pet owners often leave food out for their pets overnight, without even thinking about it. However, pests are not interested in whether they get “human” or pet food. It is important to store all food strategically.

Keep Your Countertops Clean

Are you stocked with snacks and fruits on your countertops? It is basically a buffet for hungry pests. As a way of controlling residential pests, make sure to have food storage containers that are airtight.

When you’re done cooking, don’t leave any food or crumbs in the sink. Even though it might not seem like much mice only consume about 3g per day and can survive on crumbs. If you leave food out, don’t be surprised to find a mouse friend!

Check Your Basement, Attic, and Crawl Spaces

These areas should be vented and dried. This is because moisture attracts pests. What is the reason for this? To survive, they need moisture to grow. They are attracted to damp areas in the home as well as areas outside. Your pet’s water bowl is an area often overlooked. The amount of water in the bowl could attract insects.

Take Care to Inspect Your Groceries

Food retail stores are often plagued by cockroaches, mice and flies, as well as birds. The grocery store is home to almost every type of food. Because it’s out in the open, pests are likely to target the produce area. It is important to wash produce before you unload it. Roaches love cardboard boxes so be aware of them next time you shop for groceries. Although you may think “This won’t happen to me”, it could! If you have an infestation, our pest control specialist is just a phone call away.

Repairs Are Required

You should ensure that you keep up with the yearly maintenance of your home. Make sure to repair damaged screens and doors, and clean them. While it might not always be possible to keep pests away, it is the best way to prevent them from becoming a problem. To stop pest infestations from getting worse, be aware of any signs and alerts.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. now if you need to get rid of pests or prevent them from coming into your home this fall season.

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