Exterminator Vs. Pest Control

pest controlDo you have any idea what an exterminator is? How is it different from a pest control professional? You might have heard your parents say that they’d like to have these termites exterminated now.

The response of whomever they’re talking to is a treatment that’s chemically invasive and requires them to stay outside their home for a few hours, during that period, chemicals are being pumped into the walls and the house is what they call being “bombed.” There are times when the treatments are effective but in most cases, they don’t. Even if it worked, the termites returned since the treatment was just a band-aid solution and not a real fix to the problem.

Ever since, the thrill of the kill is exactly what many people would like to see when dealing with these pests. They would like to get into a room that’s been treated aggressively using chemicals and see a pile of dead rodentstermites, cockroaches on the floor. Homeowners may imagine a terminator donning a backpack that’s filled with chemicals while holding a spray hose to spray the chemicals throughout the entire house, then witnessing the bugs fall from the ceiling. That is what most homeowners think about when addressing their pest problems at home.


By definition, extermination means destroying completely, kill, erase from existence, or put to death. And that is why the imaginary situation appears more profound with homeowners. Although the word suggests eradication of whatever type of pest that you may have at home, this only happens rarely, which is a good thing because even pests take on a crucial role in the environment and the ecology of our planet.

However, nobody wants to see unwanted critters and bugs in their belongings or homes. This is where professional pest control in Myrtle Beach comes into play. Pest issues should be managed in a certain way that will keep them out of our houses while protecting the environment, both inside the house as well as in nature.

Pest Control Specialist

Pest control professionals and exterminators differ in many ways, even though their main goal is to get rid of pests. Exterminators rely mostly on pesticides to get rid of unwanted pests, through the use of chemicals that could be toxic and needed, whereas, a pest control professional will concentrate only on why the pests exist and change the conditions that attracted these pests in the first place.

In case using chemicals is required, the pest control specialist will use eco-friendly solutions to get rid of the pests. Pest control firms use products that are as effective on the pests but have minimal odor and are less toxic to pets and humans. They are also applied in a targeted manner. There are treatments that do not use pesticides. The major difference is that pest control professionals search for long-term solutions instead of just spraying chemicals to eradicate the pest you see.

Apart from using less chemicals, pest control companies are more educated when it comes to the most effective methods to get rid of every specific pest. For example, at Zap Pest Control Inc., we know the proper methods of eliminating unwanted pests such as bed bugs and that treatment protocol is not the same as addressing another pest like carpet beetles. Every pest has its own reason for being there and needs a different approach to getting rid of it from your home.

Always remember that some treatments work for some situations and may not be effective in other ones. Most pest control specialists receive comprehensive training to become a technician and get extra training throughout their careers. As technology and research improve, technicians get additional training to remain updated on pest management methods with certain pests.

Although the end goal of Myrtle Beach pest control specialists and exterminators is the same and that’s to eliminate the pest. Do you want to walk into a house where you can smell chemicals but still remain unsure if the problem has been fixed or not? Or would you rather have a trained pest control specialist deal with the pest problem properly and safely?

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. and let our pest control specialist provide you with a long-term solution for your pest problem.

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