All About Termite Treatment

termite treatmentJust like several other kinds of bug infestations, some people who find themselves with a termite infestation think that they could get a termite treatment locally or get the job done themselves.

Well, in some cases, where there’s an issue in a fairly small structure, far away from the main property this may be possible, however, treating termites is a job that needs know-how and knowledge and should be left to an expert.

Choosing the Right Termite Treatment

To help you in deciding if you should deal with the termite problem yourself, you need to know if you possess wide knowledge and experience in building construction. If the answer is no, you’ll undoubtedly have big problems in determining the most probable entry points for these pests. Do you know how to handle the special equipment correctly and safely? This refers to tools like soil treatment, masonry drills, etc.

Once again, when the answer is no or maybe you are not sure, then don’t do it. Keep in mind that this is a job that goes beyond just using a little spray bottle at intervals surrounding the home. A termite treatment in Myrtle Beach will typically involve using gallons of termiticide, which is injected under the slabs, into the foundation walls and even the ground on the foundation.

After choosing the pest control company, it is important to have the most efficient kind of treatment applied. You’ll have a choice when it comes to the extent of the termite treatment.

Termite colonies are comprised of many hundreds and even thousands of small pests, all hunting for food in a wide array of different directions. Given this, having a termite treatment performed only in restricted locations may be a false sense of security since there’s a huge possibility that the termites will just find different entry points into your home. Also, most termite companies won’t offer any warranty for this kind of treatment.

As an alternative, a perimeter treatment uses a non-repellent termiticide solution surrounding the whole foundation wall of the home and at the same time applies localized treatment of other infested locations or high risks places on your property. It’s crucial to choose a company that will provide you with a service agreement that guarantees they will help you when it comes to future infestations at no cost.

Having your whole property treated is the best option if you have a termite problem at home.

Types of Termite Treatments

There are two types of termite treatments. Liquids and baits. Liquid termiticides are injected into the soil. They will create a barrier that stops the termites from invading the home and ones that are already on your property can’t return to the nest and will die too, eventually. Baiting is a solution that is lethal to these pests. Baits are buried underground inside a cylindrical plastic trap with a food source like cardboard or paper, to which the poison is applied.

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