Do You Need A Termite Bond?

termiteA termite may creep up in your house without your knowledge. They are also known as silent killers. They feed on wood and your floors without you knowing until you see signs of damage.

In case you have faced such a pest infestation before, you are most likely familiar with pest control services as well as the bonds. For termite infestation, you may be offered with a termite bond. But the question is, do you need one?

What is a Termite Bond?

If you are not sure if you need a termite bond, the information listed below will give you a better understanding of what it is and what it is for.

A termite bond is like a maintenance agreement. It is a warranty between you and the pest control in Myrtle Beach company. There are instances where the infestation returns once again after a successful pest control treatment. Basically, the termite bond exist to provide you peace of mind.

You will have a termite warranty certificate. It is comprised of two elements.

There is an agreement to perform inspections for the entire duration of the contract, which is every two years. Termite inspections could also be conducted every quarter, annually, or on a specific schedule that’s been agreed upon.

There is also an agreement to provide control and treatment if there is a termite infestation. These two crucial elements don’t need any extra fees. However, several bonds include a service upfront that you have to pay for before the inspections.

termiteTermite Bonds Pros and Cons

A termite bond will play an important role when selling or buying a home. A pest inspection will be needed before selling or buying a property, and a house that’s filled with termites will cause some issues along the way. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure that you are familiar with the indications of a termite infestation before any damage takes place.

Furthermore, not all houses can have a repair bond.  Several pest control specialists cover the re-treatment of the affected structure but do not cover repairs of the damages. Before agreeing to a bond, be sure to find out if the re-treatment and repair are included, or just one. You should also find out about eligibility as well as the associated costs.

Where Can I Get A Termite Bond?

Only an authorized pest control service can offer a termite bond. You can ask a home inspector to help you out. He may know a pest control company that can assist you.

Do I Need A Termite Bond?

A termite bond is required if you are under these circumstances:

  1. You recently found out that you have a termite infestation at home.
  2. If you are planning to sell your house. Finding termites can delay the sell of your home. So you better get a termite bond first before going through a home inspection. This holds true if you recently had a termite infestation and you managed to get rid of it with the help of an exterminator. But you’ll need a termite bond if you are afraid that the termites will creep up on your home once again.

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